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Mission Impossible 3
Category : Action
Rating : 3/5
Metacritic : 75

If you’re expecting a blissful couple of white dove flying over a big super explosion, you’ll be disappointed.

You’re not going to see Ethan Hunt alone jumping out of that explosion wearing black leather jacket either. Instead, this time Ethan Hunt is no longer a superman. He is the super team.
Sorry John Woo’s fans.

But, that’s the way I like it.

We’re going to see many impossible actions (four, actually) from rescuing mission, kidnapping the villain in Vatican City, flying across two building in Shanghai, and… ups.. I spoil too much, I think.

It offers old-school action in Mission Impossible television series, combine with amazing gadgets and latest technology.
And yeah, there are fast cars, sexy chicks, a bit romance as sweetener of our afternoon tea, and deceptions.

For about 90 minutes, you will see a lot of deceptions in its plot. Only in the end of the story we’re able to see who the bad guy is. Not so surprising, considering the director J.J Abrams and writer Alex Kurtzman is the big guy behind Lost and Alias.

There is a glitch I think, especially when Ethan doing his super humane action in Shanghai. You tell me.

Though I’m not quite satisfied with the story, I think MI3 is the best of previous series. 3 stars would be sufficed.

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This is normal :p