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Crash 8 comments

Category : Drama
Rating : 4/5
IMDB : 8.4/10
Metacritic : 69

Life is not a roller coaster. Life is chain. One thing leads to another. A small detail in one person’s life, cause a big wave in other.

Crash is about ‘wave’. The wave of strong human emotions. We found righteous guy, the very next day he turns into a monster. Situated in special circumstances, something evil turns into divine.

Every action has consequences, and they’re in order. First wave looks injustice, but at second wave everyone gets the answers.

Several different lives, collides each other.
A life of a white successful DA, two niggers car jacker, a Persian store owner, a bad cop, a rookie, two police detective who are also lovers, and African American television director, illegal immigrants, a Korean couple, …

Action and consequences. Love and anger. There is no right or wrong. Powerful and unpredictable.

Crash is tending to be bored at first half hour. But, when you get the emotional shock from collision of each boring different life, the curtain revealed pieces by pieces.

Just when Daniel persuade her 5 years old Lara who is hiding under her bed frightened because of gunfire, Crash is slowly become … magnetic :

... you know what impenetrable means? It means nothing can go through it. No bullets, nothing. She told me that if I wore it, nothing would hurt me. And I did. And my whole life, I never got shot, stabbed, nothing. I mean, how weird is that?...

It makes you to think the bigger meaning of life.
It is not entertaining. It is inspiring.


I love that movie .. unpredictable and unexpected story, pretty much the same with our lives. Noone would ever know what will happen next …


kayaknya koq bagus ya ndry ?
tapi rasa-rasanya saya bakal terlelap lebih awal…


weleh, kalo car jacker disebut nigger, kalo director jadi african american..


I think I have missed it on the cinema. Have to wait until the DVD comes out. :(


Nice movie, semua ras ada di situ, struggling di US.

film ini dapet nominasi Oscar kan ya?

6. naga

temen gue bilang sih jelek tuh film, tapi ga tau juga ya, namanya juga opini pribadi. entar deh gua liat kalo udah muncul di video club.

7. 'ka

it’s definitely a GOOD movie. i love it. it shows how much racialism still exists in this world…. no matter where you are now.


eh ndry, ndek comsysmu iki checkbox “this is not Spam.” kudu dicheck yoh? padahal aku jelas2 niat nyepam lho? nggak oleh nyepam yoh?

Your lovely comments, if you please.

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