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Bad Bad Bad

War OF The World, Madagascar, Fantastic Four
My Rating : 3 Of 5

These movies are supposed to be good, but they’re not. Review them all in a single post is suffice.

War Of The World (WotW)
I’ve read the novel since I was a kid. WotW is often referred for many many perfomances, dramas, and research project such as The Blue Book Project. Written by HG Wells back in 1898, this novel is still relevant up ‘till now because its historical background during the time of writing :

  1. The threat of European War.

  2. The observations of Mars, which had led speculation about water in neighboring planet. Thus, extra terrestrial intelligence.

WotW itself is only an adaptation from original novel. For instance, the invasion in novel version mainly happened on Great Britain, whether the movie version take the US (New Jersey and Boston) as the main ground. This setting, however, is forgiveable. But…
The main plot that spotlighted a lousy self-centric father, Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), running around to save his family is compelling. Or simply I say : not good enough.

Badly designed story plot makes it difficult for me to categorize this movie as drama or science fiction. The science fiction-part is not thoroughly explained, and the drama-part is not psychological touching, either.

I suggest you read the original novel. You may find it here in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat), or here as lit format (Microsoft Reader).

Watching cartoon or animated graphic movie in cinema is not my habit. Madagascar, however, has intrigued me from the very start because it’s technological background. They are using Linux for everything. The production up to rendering farms, all powered solely by HP (The Incredibles. Despite of 4 years in making, this movie is not very hillarious either. The story and the dialog are shallow, too. For the first hour, enjoy the slow plot. And the last half others, slower plot.
Speaking about funny, there is penguin conspiracy in this movie that pretty entertaining. But that’s all, in the end of the movie I still cannot believe how bad it is.

Fantastic Four
I have great expectation about it, after Batman Begins. But among two above, Fantastic Four is a joke, unfortunately. The main plot is about the origin how four man and a woman had their DNA altered by solar radiation in such unique way, each. Long story made short, we know him as Dr Doom turn into evil and fight against the other four.
There are alot of unimportant scenes that make Fantastic Four storyline run slow. Very very slow, for almost 80 of this movie is just about … nothing. Funny, maybe, but not important :). The psychological aspect of 4 man and a woman is not well-handled also. Lousy.

My point of interest is Jessica Alba who plays Susan Storm a.k.a The Invisible Woman. She has released 3 movies this year, which are :

  1. Sin City. It is confirmed that Sin City wont be played in Indonesia due to execcesive amount of violence.
  2. Fantastic Four
  3. Into the Blue

Alba is also known in TV Serial Dark Angel.

PS. 3/5 rating is total sum. Each is only worth 1/5.
Update 5:53AM
Typos and grammar fixes by Nana.
For you, my lovely stalkers : If you’re not a complete nerd that is obsessed with small details, you might not notice small glitches in those movies. But I am a complete nerd and I am obsessed with small details, so it irritated me :razz:

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Imponk said :

aku belum liat semuanya :( katanya madagaskar lucu abis, walo animasinya gak terlalu bagus. Pake Linux yah? pantesan.. :D
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nana said :

gue setuju soal war of the world emang sama sekali ngga seru, ngganjel abis. madagascar? hmmm... yang aku suka adalah soundtracknya and denger suara david schwimmer secara aku adalah friends addict and i loveeeeeeee ross *eh ngga nyambung yah?*

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dental said :

well, 3 stars for war of the world is right :P madagascar bagus tapi bukan untuk dijabanin ke bioskop nungguin Orig ViCiDi-nya di rental aja. Fantastic Four blum nonton..
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Lili said :

Pernah nonton The Signs gak? yg main Mel Gibson. Ceritanya persis banget sama WOTW, gak ada bedanya. Cuman bentuk aliens-nya ajah beda, tapi most of the story jiplak abis...atawa The Signs yg jiplak abis...wah gak tau deh, pokoke sami mawon.

But, Ummi kagum banget sama aktingnya Dakota Fanning.
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andry said :

#imponk : justru animasi Madagascar yang bagus. Setiap helai rambut di Alex the Lion adalah satu baris code. Begitu juga di setiap helai rambut Lemur, padahal ada lebih dari 60 variasi lemur. Total baris code : 2.5 miliar.
Total rendering 6 bulan penuh, di 90 lebih rendering farm server.
Gambar airnya juga lebih bagus pencahayaannya, katanya Dreamworks punya algoritma baru untuk 3D lightningnya.
Bandingkan aja sama The Incredible, secara detail gambarnya lebih halus Madagascar.
Oh iya, episode Penguin Conspiracy itu untuk menghormati Linux yang digunakan di produksi film ini lho ;)

#nana : makanya, baca novelnya aja

#lili : The Sign yang ngerefer ke WotW. X-Files juga. Independece Day juga :)
Dakota Fanning ? Lha jelas, Oscar kan ?
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pamiy said :

wes entuk sin city? nyeleh :D
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iks said :

Wotw aku sama sekali ga ngerti intinya apaan yang ngeganggu Dakota Fanning yg teriak2 trus kasian akting dia ga kepake, mending denger suaranya pas maen di Monster inc. Haha untung ga nonton Madagascar dan F4 liat trailernya udah ga ngena, walo sbenernya mo liat Jessica alba tapi sayang duitnya nonton di bioskop. Hey lagi nunggu The Island gag ? aku loh lagi nungguin :D....bedewei lam kenal ndry :)
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andry said :

#pamiy : durung. golek nang endhi ? siola ?

#iks : lam metal juga :). untuk 3 film ini, memang lebih afdol nunggu DVD / VCD ori-nya aja.
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blogversive : a subversive blog » Blog Archive » Best Animation Studio said :

[...] Madagascar (2005, 188 US$, Rating : 6.4 ). Read review . [...]
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Silverlines said :

Verrrry late commenting. Sin City emang bener2 terlalu violent, tapi anyway Kill Bill juga kan ? Dan kayaknya masuk2 aja tuh ke bioskop.
Review Constant Gardener dong .. :-)

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