Recent Links Archive

  • AJAX Scaffold
    A RoR generator for production ready, fully styled, interface for managing models.
  • The GTD Prayer
    Productively hillarious !
  • Rapid Web Development and Testing with Mozilla Firefox
    A nice presentation roundup using Firefox as a development environment (via).
  • First Annual Naked Day: April 05
    On April 5th, all CSS/style/jscript and other cosmetic tidbits will be off. See me in naked ;)
  • Wordpattern
    This is of course only April Mob. See Textpattern and Wordpress in action within my installation.
  • More Alike Than We Think
    How can we make sure that the site will provide the right information in a format that will be useful and usable? Scanability is a must !
  • "Hello Words" profiler
    The "Hello Words" program in many languages and its speed comparison
  • O'Reilly Radar : Entrepreneurial Proverbs
    Inspiring quote for startup
  • Particle Tree : Replacing Trackback with Blog Search
    An interesting technique to replace "Trackback". I must have it on my blog (via)
  • Collection Free Icons !
    The collection of collection (yes, you read it right) of free icon along with its license.
  • Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup and ready for download!
    One, two, three coloumn, fixed or liquid. It's all there. Snap!
  • Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries
    Mwahaha... I've read 7 of 'em :D
  • CNN : 20 great jobs that don't require a degree
    What do Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and entertainment mogul David Geffen have in common? Besides being exceedingly rich, none of them has a college degree.
  • Merdeka Keywords
    I love it.
  • Integrating Measure Map with Textpattern
    Those are handy and quick instruction. Very useful. And this blog now incorporates Measure-Map.
  • Cangkrukan
    Cangkrukan live again. Now, Textpattern powered :)
  • CNN : The Next Net 25
    25 Web 2.0 redefines the next generation of online business.
  • TXP Blogmap
    Textpattern users map. And here's my map.
  • One Simple Rule for Improving Your Writing
    Useful pointers and pitfalls to improve our english post. For basic, Pipit wrote "Kesalahan Umum dalam Menulis Bahasa Inggris (vol 1, vol 2). Nana answer with her tips in "When Nature Calls". Busy reading :)
  • Rolling with Ruby on [Instant]Rails
    Quick start using InstantRails 1.0
  • Yahoo! User Interface Library
    The Yahoo! User Interface Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, HTML and AJAX.
  • Zeldman : Don’t be a beta hater
    Or, How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love IE7.
  • Ruby on Rails: The importance of being 1.0
    Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson about database layer on Rails.
  • Delphi IDE for sale
    No buyer yet.
  • The Web Developer's Handbook
    Tons of categorized links of Web Design.
  • Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers
    Many cheatsheets. Web development, database, language, version control, and others.
  • Executive Briefing: Ruby on Rails
    What is the holy grails of web development ? Rails !
  • Abel Is Dead
    Interview with Abel, beyond the grave, from the "other side" of web.
  • Designer Career Pyramid
    "Career path" overview of a web designer.
  • Themed Movie and Music Font Download
    Blade, Van Helsing, Def Leppard fonts. You name it, it's all there.
  • Enterprise Ruby On Rails
    If you’re frustrated and trying to get more speed and scalability out of rails, you’ve found your reference.
  • My contribution to the CSS shadow kerfuffle
    Useful CSS Image shadow technique. I'm gonna use it in near time. Maybe. Probably.
  • GTalkr
    Yahoo Maps Locator, Firefox, GTalk, and GMail
  • How Much of a Blog Expert Are You?
    You think that you're an expert ? Think again.
  • Milis ID-Textpattern
    Milis Textpattern Indonesia.
  • Mediascape : Organize Structurr Style
    A few simple tips to organise your website, improve your content and develop a style that reflects our needs. (via)
  • Try Ruby
    Interactive Ruby (irb) online. Awesome.
  • CSS Typography
    For better readability.
  • MSN Movies : 2006 Movie Preview
    Notable titles in 2006. Check also Aurum Movies to Watch in 2006 and Aurum Asian Movies to Watch in 2006.
  • Feedxs Personal Feed
    Care about having a feed of yours without running a single website ?
  • Omea 2.1
    My favorite feed reader is always on the move. The free version is available without serial key now.
  • A Low-level Look at ASP.NET Architecture
    The lower-level aspects of ASP.NET and explains how requests move from Web Server to the ASP.NET runtime and then through the ASP.NET HTTP pipeline to process requests. A must read.
  • Sexerati
    As the name implies, it is blog about sex.
  • Does Windows Patch Without Permission?
    If this is true, it's scary; these sorts of powers rarely go unutilized
  • Mono and Fedora - Miguel de Icaza
    Miguel's right - this is good news for Mono, and Fedora for that matter