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I am an Yahoo Messenger active user. Most of my works is actually done by means of virtual office (that turns up into virtual coworkers and virtual knowledges, but some real killers projects).
And, I make some grouping down there. For instance, there are

  • C-Od ,Computer 0D, my colleaguemates

  • Chat, where I group people I know from webs, rooms, [*]ster this, .. sort of

  • Co-Workers, well, it is quite self-explanatory

  • Old-Workers, my former companies, projects, and people I get acquainted with

  • theGroups, special super hack users and secret projects (so I can invisible easily when I overdue the deadline :? )

  • Zombie, the most annoying people, our point of interest in this post
    zombie group

Zombie, according to this is n. pl. zom·bies , also zom·bis

  1. A snake god of voodoo cults in West Africa, Haiti, and the southern United States.

    • A supernatural power or spell that according to voodoo belief can enter into and reanimate a corpse.

    • A corpse revived in this way.

  2. One who looks or behaves like an automaton.
  3. A tall mixed drink made of various rums, liqueur, and fruit juice.

That’s it, if I find someone who :

  1. really love to stay connected but ignorantly forget about Sign Off, and leave their computer On while he/she doing humanic things, OR

  2. people who really love online using their cells (That’s it : I’m On SMS status), OR

  3. people who has CatasthrophicVisiblePhobia and ALWAYS stay invisible while he/she was talking to, then they go straight right into this group

Software indeed has a huge paradigm shift since the invention of internet, and its have become the medium for us to stay socialized.
You have to be polite. You dont wanna meet people who see you but not listening into what you say.
And also, consider this circumstances, you’re in the midle of some deep conversations and suddenly your friend come out from nowhere and forcely request your attention. You must be found this really annoying. It’s ok if you wanna give me birthday party surprise but I dont do birthday party everyday.

The rule of thumb is simple (my rules).

  • Try talk to me when you’re invisible. You know what I mean of being ignored then.

  • Stay connected using your cell is good tricks. I use it also, but only in emergency situation. Try to use it as primary connection at your own risk of being zombinized.

  • If you prefer to stay invisible while you need to talk, then try Stealth Setting by visible only to people who you need to talk to. Otherwise, get lost, beat yourself blind.

  • put Busy status. I won’t disturb you then. In fact, glad to know you’re online :).

Ah, last and not least. People who have technical difficulities of Sign Off (stay online while he/she actually already sign off) doesnt take count. I blame your lousy mimin for that.

I’m no Shaun. No hurt feeling, be polite. Stay kewl. Get yout anti T-virus immediately :D

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tuti said :

hehe kayaknya aku termasuk yg zombie deh pak :P
well.. sometimes
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blogversive » Blog Archive » Buddy Spy (a.k.a Yahoo Messenger Status Checker) said :

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doeljoni said :

hadir bro'
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Feb 15, 04:32 PM