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Work work work

Dont get me wrong.
Im not such hard worker this week. I’m stuck in one hell of problem (simple tapi error terus, diammmputtttt!!!!)
I think I’m really rustier than ever!. Too much “management-thingy” and slowly the “technical-thingy” is fade away. Damn, this is why management stuffs (branding, marketing, and alike) must be keep separated from technical stuffs (inceptions, elaborations, etc etc).

I wish it could be more simplier than that.
Panic. Maybe Not. Probably Yes.
The feeling is like, mmm, loosing a grip in such tight schedule and suddenly forget everything. Forget how much is 2×2 ? or 7×9 ? This is exactly what happenned to me.

I know I may use some rest. After all I get this stupid cold. Stupid non productive cough (bahasa enggresnya untuk batuk tidak berdahak, tau dari bungkusnya Woods).

After several unsuccesfull (unsatisfied) approaches and problems solving, I decide to put things away and…..

Play good old Warcraft III:
Work work work.. like the Orc’s peon said :mrgreen:.

Anyway, the Arthas guy, the Prince Arthas, is remind me of Anakin. The paladin become the dead knight. Jedi became Sith.

God please spare me your mercy. Im wasting 12 hours of my life today. Not for blog, nor for reading, nor for musics, but only for to get this cold sword so-called frozen throne and summon Archimonde. Amien.

UPDATE, approx 6 hours after exploring the Kalimdor’s coastal
I get back into my code again. Typing some mambo jambo breakpoint and stuffs. Surprisingly all unit tests are green. Green is good.
Wait, actually I’m foreseeing all green tests after defending Kelthuzad while he is trying to summon Archimonde.

So, the prophecy now has been filled. I could use some rest then, log off, and try not to touch computer for next three days. See ya on tuesday!

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'ka said :

udahhh... change it to play play play :D
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Feb 15, 04:35 PM