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Silly me, I forgot to redirect my old feed address (my old Wordpress blog) into feedburner. I was using Feedburner plugin once, but since I wipe all files in it, the redirection magic is gone.

But after implementing some advices, it should be no problem now.


Well, this is the result.
Andry's Feedburner

You can tell a lot about a lady by looking into her purse, and we can tell a lot about our audiences by knowing how they reach us. How they read us, thus what rss reader do they use?

As you can see, Feedburner do the nice job with the stats. It does not only show the ego number, but also useful stats. These are the full result :

And 1 subscriber each using :

Unidentified :

  • A Java based reader (3)
  • Jakarta Commons Generic Client (2)

Bots / Scripts :

  • Universal Feed Parser or Planet planet. It should be Planet Terasi bot.
  • Wordpress, and this is Merdeka bot.

Fictions, My Take

My overall impression by looking those raw data :

  • Mostly, they use web-based RSS reader (Bloglines, Newsgator, and the new emerging Rojo).
  • There’s some KDE geek here.. (Akregator and probably Java based reader).
  • RSSBandit (and its fork : FeedExplorer) and Omea are using .NET platform. These readers probably don’t know what the heck apt-get is.
  • Firefox Live Bookmark is quite popular. (In fact, Merdeka stat shows that most reader using Live Bookmark.

One of my reasons to stick with Omea is this :
Omea Trackback
Instantly, we can see the relation between any entries on my entire feed subscriptions. I consider this as mini-personal metafilter, helps me a lot to monitor what’s the most talked about by my nearby bloggers.
Think : instant dan filtered Technorati Watchlist or Google Blogsearch :)

Now, help me to understand you better.

  1. What rss reader you are using and what feature you most crazy about.
  2. If applicable, what’s content of your purse ?

You can give a comment or mail me. I’ll post a summary from this little “survey”.

Thanks in advance.