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What Google Wants

Everyone (on the net) is now googlist. And we’re all continued to use its service, happily and quietly.

I am a programmer, it’s natural to spelunking on what’s programming skills they’re need. So I started a minor survey (read: gak penting) several days since Google Birthday last week.

I’m not surprised with my findings:

(Programming skills, count)

  • Phyton (99)

  • C++ (92)

  • Java (93)

  • Perl (72)

  • JavaScript (45)

  • PHP (23)

  • C# (5)

  • Ajax (3)

  • Ruby (1)

Phyton is powerful language, IMHO, as powerful as Java. C++ is still the true portable language of all time. JavaScript and Ruby I think slowly will take the places, as the advent of AJAX (Google Suggest and Google Maps, in particular).

AFAIK, AdSense is backend with Java Struts. I don’t know, AdSense code smells like struts… hehe..

Are they magic numbers?
No, they are not. I’m using a very simple method to dig the number :
First, I screenscraping those pages 3 level depth using HTTrack Website Copier. I’ve scheduled it to update daily (04:00 AM EST+7), and running simple text analysis upon its results everyday.

The software itself is somewhat portions of my real project. I changed several keywords and running it in debug mode (call me pragmatic, I don’t care). It’s simple, only combination of regex, SGMLReader, a bit working knowledge of IR, C#, good sense of humor, and of course my fellow padwan : patience.

Other skills they’re need might be XML (XML technologies such as XML, XSLT, DTD), and Regex. Both, I think are a must for every single programmer who lives on earth. Dispatch yourself a good know-how of XML and Regex. Resistance is futile.

If you proficient in all technology that Google wants, and you have killer business instinct (they’re not teach you this instinct, not even at business school) then apply to Google you must not. Build your own “google”, instead.

Ah, it is almost 10 PM, what I need now is cold shower :)

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bintangjatuh said :

wah abis dimanjain ruby sekarang pindah ke python nih? apa udah dari dulu? ^^

Andry : Seandainya 3 tahun lalu Ruby sudah ada, saya mungkin sekarang nggak ngeblog pake wordpress...
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espresso said :

ActionScript 2 nggak masuk itungan yoh? opo maneh MEL, aku ancen bodoh.

Andry : Bedane bodo ambek sugih iku uuaaadooh Mi :)
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yanti said :

Regex? aduh, matur nuwun sanget.. mending aku cuci piring deh drpd harus ngoprek Regex :(

Andry : aku mending Regex ketimbang cuci-cuci piring :razz:
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doeljoni said :

endi bahasan marketing-e ?

Andry : Ini blognya programmer kok .. bukan marketters hehe
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dedenf said :

weheehehehehe python primary language euy...., but still they need a superman!

Andry : and Lana Lane :mrgreen:
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kus said :

what is google want? what is google need? , its men like me

ha ha ha ha
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nana said :

i can only be bitchy with the language in this post and i know you will simply say go to hell soooo ya wis mission aborted :mrgreen:
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dental said :

I'm surely don't understand those languages except PHP and little Java
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didats said :

wah, ada jagoan regex nih disini.........

asiik.......... bisa tanya2 nanti.. hihihihi
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espresso said :

dental: kamu kenal little java yg mana? J2SE ato machiato? hehehe :mrgreen: permisi ndry numpang ngejunk maneh *gatel* :mrgreen:
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Wira said :

Hwaaa.. sebagai end-user aku cuma bisa *manggut2* deh :-p
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viga said :

waaaaaaaaw.. !!! :oops:
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Death Embryonic Cell said :

here you are,.. you know how the sell andry and make a profit of him

denger-denger bati-nya makelar (marketing) lebih gede dari teknisi (programmer)
ndak percaya ? sini..sini... metani bareng-bareng

Andry : Makelar dimana-mana 10%. Nah, ndak tau kalo ada biaya karaoke dlsb :twisted:
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Death Embryonic Cell said :

biaya-biaya entartainer : pijet, golf, karaoke, pub dll
padahal ndak seberapa keluarnya, sisanya masuk rekening
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