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We know, we can’t have Fast And Furious NASCAR without those fancy stickers. But, what happen if we employ the same on your so-called-rich-content website (or, blog).

By assuming at least there are 24 returning readers using different social bookmark tool religiously :

social blog tool

This wouldn’t help either.

feed subscribe

And pletora unrelated eye-candy which is in the end just creating a lot of visual noise :

  • Narcistic Flickr Photostream :p
  • “Bla bla powered by” stickers/buttons
  • Blogthing’s Love Profile
  • 280 (and counting) links to other blogger while most of them don’t help build a conversation.
  • .. and more.

I do have excess graphic in my blog. I’m still learning how to make our writing easy to be read while at the same time learning what’s constitute a helpful design (wait for my next reborn ;) ).

Surely, I’m not a web designer. But I know unecessary fluffs just make blogs harder to read.
However I can live with cluttered design. Not everyone knows HTML ;)

But there’s one thing that really I can’t stand.
Sadly I still see people who build web site in Web 0.1 way :

web 0.1

That is IFRAME, big sliced images, heavy flash, and no feeds.
God help us.