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Wayward Son

Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.—Oscar Wilde

I was trapped in parent-child relationship conversation this late evening at Carrefour’s pujasera.
Yeah, with bunches of my fellow jerks, you know who you are pals!

Somehow, we had quite a conversation, actually:

My old man spanks me when I misspelled the “ABCD”. So now, I grow up as a rude person.

My mother never breast-feeding me, even though she could. I get very serious ill during my childhood.

I think, my father only love my youngest brother.

I score some sh*ts, but they don’t give a damn thing about it.

Sounds familiar ?

It is interesting to see how we blame our parent about what they were, or about they we’re not. What they give, or give not.

Heh.. I was such a wayward son back then :)
My mom is the moon, and my dad is the sun. They’re just can’t be together.

But still, they’re my lights in the end of the tunnel. Always.

Happy weekend, guys.

Carry on my wayward son There’ll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more No! —Kansas
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nana said :

welcome back. such a fruitful contemplative hiatus i believe :)

yap. blaming is easier so that at least a bit of the burden is taken off the shouldders :twisted:

Andry : yeah, like I said : it's so much easier to hate.
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Pipit said :

It's easier to blame our parents for what we have become, but people tend to forget to thank them for what we have achieved.

My parents are my couch, tough, as they know how tough can life be. I am sure they love as I have learned to love them :)

Andry : :)
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andian said :

kamu hebat ya tetep bisa berpandangan seperti itu. banyak kan anak2 lain yg ga bisa kek gitu. well... temen deketku juga termasuk orang yg bisa berpandangan seperti ttg ayah ibunya yg ga bisa hidup bersama. and i think it is really great

Andry : hebat ? hehe... aaatttiittt sih iya.
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'ka said :

wow! :) very interesting...
'cuz how i look at my parents... they're like my backbone in my life since they're always there for me to support and love me unconditionally regardless all the stupid things i've done that make them scratch their head ... :D trust me, i'm sooo capable doing all those things

Andry : Hehe.. I know. I trust you :mrgreen:
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yanti said :

Yah, kalo aku mikirnya sih sekarang, gimana cara kita menjadi orang tua yang sebaik, bahkan sebisa mungkin lebih baik daripada orang tua kita sendiri.

Dan sejak aku sendiri punya anak, jadi lebih bisa ngerti jalan pikiran orang tuaku. Jadi ngerti kenapa mereka begini dan begitu dulu dan sekarang. Jadi ngerti kenapa mereka melarang atau menyuruh, walupun belum tentu aku setuju dan bakal melakukan hal yang sama.

Andry : Sama ! This thing is getting heavier everyday :)
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hericz said :


Duh, jadi inget.. kalau aku lupa kapan terakhir kali ketemu bapakku.. 2-3-4 tahun yang lalu...

Eh, tahun lalu ketemu nding, salaman thok, terus aku langsung ngeloyor pergi :D

Andry : saya malah minggu lalu ketemu. berantem. biasa.
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dental said :

my parent told me that i'm dificult son, so are they..

wlkm bck!

Andry : Kalo bukan difficult, bukan parenting namanya :)
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doeljoni said :

welcome back buddy...
looks like you've back from you inner journey..

that's good to see how you prefer to be wise in this situation...

for me, right now I should hold not to cry when I see them...
being old is a nature for people, and I should thank to Allah SWT, give more time for being together
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Silverlines said :

Hey, welcome back .. *you're no longer stumbled upon right
Parental conversation .. hmm .. I was in that inferior mode many centuries ago, but things changed when my Mom passed away. Very late, and I know I'd never forgive myself for not being able to make her happier ..

Andry : Hehe.. apparently, Im managed to survive hehe
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naga said :

after all, parents are only human. And children would become parents, until then they wouldn't understand.
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bintangjatuh said :

saya setuju sama teh yanti :)
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kere kemplu said :

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