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Wanna See Me Naked

71 days ago

Wordpattern. The Bad News.

My so-called participation on Wordpattern is merely pure accidental.

I was in the middle of fixing layout and color schemes at production site. I think it was wise thing to inform you this site was currently unavailable.

And I’m perfectly aware it was April 1st.
So I made a jump into April’s joke mocking Wordpress error page. It is well documented in Id-Gmail Wiki by Cak Amal.

Moment later, I saw TXP Mag’s announcement about Wordpattern (it is removed now, try Alex’s explanation, though).

I edited the error page a bit, fixed a grammar error (thanks, Silverlines), and put Wordpattern logo in front page only.

Alex saw the referral and put me in as official first user of Wordpattern.

You know the rest of story then. For educational purposes, I put it on permanent home home.

By the way, I got 9 emails asking me about the wordpattern code during last 48 hours. Today, I received 2 emails about the same thing. Seriuosly taken, I guess ;)

Naked. Good and Structured Naked.

Tomorrow, on April 5th, I give you opportunity to see me naked.

I will remove all styles and clothes and sorceries on this site for about 24 hours. No CSS, no javascripts, no tables.

The only thing left is me, you, well formed nudist XHTML, and my dancing words.

So far, I see my fellow Indonesians take part :


Dare enough to turn off your sIFR tricks, Deny ?

Now, go I must.
I have to prepare a proper heading sunblock, glassy unordered list eyeglasses, and strong-content kick-ass idea lotion to prove myself naked sexy.

It is not April’s Fool.