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Van Halen, Stryper, and Linkin Park in The New Dawn of Information Overloaded Era 10 comments

van halen

Science has Einstein.
Heavy metal has more than just Einstein.
Heavy metal got Eddie Van Halen.

Once, at junior high, my teacher punished me because of my Van Halen t-shirt during practices session. It should be okay since my friends wore NKOTB’s. The only problem was, my t-shirt printed with cover of Van Halen’s album “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”.

From 5 meters away, we see only the abbreviation.

Van Halen is Hot For The Teachers, indeed.

I still remember those riffs, lyrics, actual two-handed-tapings, and artificial harmonic techniques that Van Halen employed in those albums.

Do you remember all those pretty boys’ golden ages?
(Ouch, my eyes)

Ask me about Stryper, Ozzy “No More Tears” Osbourne, or remarkably Led “Since I’ve Been Loving You” Zepp.
Ask me all bout them, and I’ll teach you how to tune your Metal-Zone and Digital Delay along with Marshall auto-wah if any.

But things would be a bit different now.

I’ve been listening to Static-X more and more. Sometime Korn, Saybia, Muse, and the whole package of brit rocks.

But, I don’t know how many albums that Oasis have before Champagne Supernova.

I even have no idea who is lead singer of Linkin Park! (God, forgive me)

Music flows into our brain just like information. My brain can’t digest newly music anymore, effectively. I might like it but I can’t guarantee I can’t remember who the first line-up Marylin Mansion are.

So is our little word, the blogs. There are 10.000 Indonesian blogs out there, but how can you keep up with 10.000 feeds?

Soon we realize that it’s not about increasing the signal vs. noise ratio anymore1. It’s about, our rate to absorb new information.

Tons of quality links are unleashed everyday, but do you read them all?

Not to mention, the rate of blog boom. It’s spooky imagining how many noises will be2.

You see, the information is overloaded but we have only small brain and stuck with it.

I read Toeffler’s Future Shock, and I think with the advent of entire blog boom, the shock is getting rapidier.

Now if you still have any room in your brain heart, digg this :
Kewl, huh?

1 It was inspired by a chit-chat with Kere Kemplu last night. I really enjoy our brainstorming, sir!

2 Technorati said there’s a new blog for each second, about 80.000+ new blogs everyday.


Wah masih manual. Diprogram aja pake pod xt dari Line6 , udah ada built in buat van halen punya kok, hahahaha.


and dangdut got more than just einstein..
dangdut got rhoma and inul..


alangkah enaknya kalo kita punya adaptive filter dengan algoritma genetik dna yang bisa self learning misahin antara info dan noise…

so otak kita tinggal menelan info yang udah lunak..

nah tuh.. tugasnya engineer dan programer bikin ‘itu’ jadi realisasi…

dan kemudian diberikan secara cuma-cuma.. biar yang kere-kere bisa jadi pinter :P

** yuk kita puter dangdutnya… **


disitulah gunanya genre dan tag . Marilyn Manson dan Cannibal Corpse masih satu tuhan.

pretty boys vs boy with drums set. wakakak!! I digged! I digged!

4. lita

andry, i’m sure it’s marilyn MANSON (seperti ditulis dental), not mansion :p

bukan penyuka musik hingar bingar


Who’s that little boy pretending to be a drum player ;-) ???
It is, kewl, indeed …



Wah, thanks for the tips !

Yang paling dekat dengan deskripsimu, mungkin MIT Common Sense.
Tapi sebelum itu terealisasi, ya gimana lagi.
Paling nggak kalo ngeblog, kita nggak sekedar mempolusi web dengan tambahan noises.

Tapi tag overuse juga bisa jadi fatal. Sedang kalo genre kurang fleksibel. Kombinasi keduanya, tapi bener2 specific mungkin.

I’m pretty sure that my future son will look like him, the drummer-kid :p

7. gani

stryper, musik metal tapi manis, dulu aku ngikutin terus sampe mereka akhirnya mutusin gak pake busana kuning hitam lagi :D kayak kiss yg akhirnya menghentikan dandanannya yg bikin anak kecil takut tidur sendirian

daridulu urusan musik selalu dapet prioritas di antrian masuk ke otak

8. vnuz


Brotha, We’re in one line….
Don’t say you are in rock when know nothing about ‘JUMP’ :D
t-shirt printed with cover of Van Halen’s album “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”. I got this when i was in junior high school.

I have been being poisoned by Led zep, Van Halen, Deep Purple, The ‘Ritchie blackmore’ Rainbow for along time ago.

9. nikk

Era glam metal.
Entah mengapa dandanan cantik yang mereka pilih.
Namun, siapa yang tak suka?

‘’Call on me, and I’ll be there for you…’’


10. arie

hehehehe van halen, stryper..ihiyyyyyy onok sing ngefans sisan tibake horeee duwe bolooooo

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