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Trip Hop on Blade Trinity

There’s bad stuff inside me, this keeps it from getting out. -Blade

I was watching this movie last night. Ya ya, I know, its rating is suck.
But let’s see, from my point of view is : story plot is so-damn-flat and predictable, and dracula is -well for an ancient evil- so weak and very-much vulnerable. It only take Blade and her partner sneaking behind to take it down. Gessh, this is the worst among the first two. I mean, it is dracula itself man.. I was expecting a liitle difficulities to kill such evil here.

However, regarding the story line, I did enjoy the movie because :

  1. It has Wesley Snipes
  2. Blade carry a blade (what else?) and he’s got a pair of fang
  3. Fast retro vehicles to crash
  4. Craftly beautiful Jessica Biel, which is I recognize her sexy appereaces on Summer Catch and superb thriller Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  5. Last, and definetely my biggest catch, is trip hop music

From the scene where Blade, Abigail, and Hannibal in a car wanna chase some familiar (human-served-for-vampire), Abigail put some iPod-like device and selecting MP3s. Those music is intended to listen to while she was butching vampires with her so-called Ultraviolet Bow. Kewl. No, I means the music, not the weapons. Hannibal sez "It’s trance, trip-hop, hip-hop’. It’s downbeat. Trance. And techno rave mix together.

I was pretty much enjoy the fight while these Trip Hop fueling the aerial. I recognize the "Weapons of Mad Distortion" by "The Crystal Method". It’s awesome. And I think, Im gonna add this genre on my rank among progressive metal and rave techno.

If you wanna taste some trip hop, I suggest Linkin Park’ Pts.Of.Athrty, from ReAnimation. And Lunatic Calm’s Leave You Far Behind. I believe the last also appears as Craddle Of Life’ OST.

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'ka said :

agree! still like the 1st 'n the 2nd ones better
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