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The Second Important Field in Your Blogging Career…

…is your site tagline / weblog description !




Please, don’t leave this field blank. If you think that your returning reader doesn’t notice, you’re wrong.
Your feed always contains such infos.

If you’re starting to eat your own dog food like Sirait and Rofiq does, bear in mind, don’t let site description field as optional fields. Marked them in red :

“required, important for your reader and Google robots”.

Why I insist that tagline is important field ? Let’s see following examples and my answers.

Learning By Examples

First of all, You’re not Guy Kawasaki. Nah, you’re not that famous. So stay away from this :

n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.

And you’re not Ronny Haryanto, either. Don’t use this:

G’day mate!

Try something, more “you”. This is good, for a start of course.

Pitoresmi : I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of running in circle. So please… lemme take a godamn rest and tell this unbelievable world some anonymously unimportant stories of a screwed-up life.

If you’re kinda geek in information architecture :

OK/Cancel : Interface Your Fears

Witty, meaningful and funny are always catchy :

Roy Suryo Watch : Ini adalah SITUS WEB RESMI dari pengamat daripada seorang pengamat Teknologi Informasi Indonesia, Drs. KRMT Roy Suryo Notodiprojo(Awas situs web palsu!)

Serious, and well targeted (though, the BETA mantra is evil) (BETA): a lifestyle blog

Whilst this one is funny, I think we would better to void :

Frank if you’re reading this… I slept with Becky. Sorry Dude. See you at Karaoke tonight.

And always my favorite :

Use your imagination. Try as descriptive as you can.
Good concepts lie behind every good blogs. By putting extra efforts in your tagline, you help yourself crystalize your concepts.

I think, Bloggies Awards have Best Tagline category for nothing.

Here’s my take

  • Avoid “this is my personal weblog” or something. We all know this is blog, and we all know blog is ‘personal’. “This is about me and my life” tagline is redundant.
  • Having difficulties find particular smart and meaningful tagline, try quote. But please don’t use “You ask me why I ask why not”. That one is already taken :p
  • Tagline isn’t permanent. It’s ok to align them with your changing vision (change ain’t bad thing). However, keep it always align with your current vision.
  • But do not overexpose : John Doe, male, 50 something, is bad. This is not IRC !
  • Consistently, use appropriate tag for blog description in your site template. I.e. :
    • <$MTBlogDescription$>
    • <%= config_value('blog_subtitle') %>
    •  <txp:site_slogan />
  • Google reads your blog title and blog description. So try to be polite to those inktomi slurps and google robots for better page rank.
  • If someone decides to revamp his/her OPML reading, your well-titled blog will stand up as a good one. I delete a lot of non-descriptive feed tonight (and inspire me to write this post).

That’s it for tagline. Any takers ?

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Rizky said :

since you mention about Google page rank, I just wanna add some stuff from an SEO point of view.

– place ur blog description inside a title tag. this is what people see and click on in search result page. hot stuff on Google. – put your blog’s name and description inside an h1 and h2, and preferably before anything else. header tags is also highly rated.
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nananias said :

Nana, Terkadang mulut terlampau lelah berkata-kata. Dan seringkali kecepatan gerak mulut tak sejalan dengan letupan-letupan pemikiran di kepala. Maka menulis adalah jawabannya.

numpang narsis :p

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Sirait said :

Yes, I am not Guy Kawasaki, but I’m Jackie Chan :) sorry for the cheap shot.

You are right. But it’s not easy. My lame tagline, I put it like this on bla bla bla, and more. I like to add and more, so when I want to write post like Folks, I slept last night with xxx The description is still valid. :)

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rofiq said :

Thanks pal, you touched my heart deeply. I think I wont be able to sleep tonight coz I had to think description that cool, cozy and rock solid. :-))

gravatar on
lita said :

hmmm, ya.. ya.. belajar lagi. another lesson dari pak andry. makasih pak :)

gravatar on
hericz said :

as always,

... ngerock by the riverside!

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didats said :

tagline ku gak sengaja dapet….

different class, different version.


gravatar on
anonymuis said :

didats’ tagline is cool

[anyway, what do you mean by “this is not spam”? do I have to check it? :D ]

gravatar on
galih said :

wah.. master blog tenan mase kih… :D salam kenal ^__*

gravatar on
goz said :

i think i’ve lost my blogversive tagline ^^

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gani said :

mengingat banyak yg tagline nya masih kacau dan memerlukan bantuan (termasuk aku), berminat jadi tagline developer?

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enda said :

nice writing, ada baiknya baca-baca artikel tentang membuat tagline atau slogan untuk advertising dan bedanya dengan tagline untuk website.

tagline selain perlu deskriptif perlu juga [atau salah satu] menampilkan “nada” atau “semangat” dari blog tersebut, misalnya: nyeleneh, lucu, serius, remaja, dewasa dll.

salah satu favorit gue dari bloggies 2003: “Still cool, like the other side of the pillow” dari blognya Electric Bugaloo

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golda said :

umm.. blog ku menggantikan ku menulis diary (di buku dengan tulisan bolpen, pensil dan hias hias pakai spidol khas jurnal).. makanya namanya “diary of golda”.. gak sengaja juga make, eh jadi keterusan. berhubung tulisanku memang katarsis, ya cocok.

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Amal said :

A little “ironic” happens to me: #direktif is tagged as “catatan pendek” (short note) but for many blog readers my entries are mostly categorized as longer. :)

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dental said :

purple is ascertaining not to think pink ;))

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