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Everyone has their own style.
In writing, leadership, parenting, architecting vendetta revolution, or playing a killer guitar melody. Each one of us has different style.

I have five programmers here. Though we share common “coding style guidelines”, I can tell whose person behind any particular code.
We share common OOP knowledge, but anyone can come up with different code.

I love blogging because it’s simple. I don’t have to write in pyramid strategy just like they’ve told me in “traditional” journalism. My primary concern is moving an idea from one head into another. But hey, this is my take. Your style may vary.

We all share common CSS knowledge such as margin: 0 auto to center the body and clear:both for footer. Arms with such knowledge, you can participating in CSSReboot (or redesign your blog layout) 10 times, and people still recognize that the new design is belong to you.

With 8 hours a day guitar practice, everyone can be a killer guitar player. But the real rock n’ roll star is the one who can write his/her own song, possess some excellent techniques, and having a unique style.

In time we develop our own style.
Sometime it gets worse. Sometime it gets better.

That’s fine. Compulsive Trial and Error Framework ™ is our nature ;)