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Trackback is suck. Pingback is suck. Trackback is suck. Pingback is suck.
Trackback is suck. Pingback is suck. Trackback is suck. Pingback is suck.

That would do.

Updates 7:44 PM :
Lesson #1 : Apparently, I FORGOT to update .htaccess after upgrade. Silly.

Lesson #2 : Useful tools to test trackback and pingback : Pingomation and Tamba TestTrack.

Lesson #3 : Do you know the difference between Pingback and Trackback? (I know I know! hehe)

Now we’re talking.

Updates 2:45PM :
Since I want this post doesn’t mix in my main feeds, so I publish it as a minipost. Well, it doesn’t work.
I’m beginning to feel that tonight is just a series of unfortunate events…

Minipost is su…..

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RedAlt Ping Tester said :

[...] This is a test of this site's ability to receive pingbacks from RedAlt. [...]
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RedAlt said :

RedAlt Test Trackback

This is a trackback test sent by RedAlt. If you have received it, trackbacks are working on your site!
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Test Track » Hey you, I’m talking to you said :

[...] Hey you.. YES YOU, I’m talking to you. [...]
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apey said :

Blog-nya canggih !! met kenal ya :) exchange links?

Andry : Wah ini blognya orang dusun ndeso so. Ndak ada canggih-canggihnya, cuma saya untungnya tabah dengan Error Message.
Exchange Links.. hmm.. let's see..
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isni said :

kalo pingback = ping kembali, kalo trackback = lacak kembali

exchange link?? **baru nyadar kalo ga ada nama Muhammad Isni di Friend.. :-p**

Andry : bukan arti EYD-nya yang saya maksud (in MY blog, who cares about EYD, anyway).
Link sudah lama ada, tapi masup kategori Watchlist. Tidak saya tampilkan karena, hehe, RSS-nya belum valid tuh :)
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nana said :

oh kalo EYD aku ndak ikut-ikut :mrgreen: you know i smurf you smurf when i smurf bwihihihihi...
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dental said :

So, jadi maksudnya blog lo dah bisa nerima ping dan track?

#isni: RSSnya agaknya ada yang error, karena juga gak mau muncul di Feeding gw, coba di re-upload dengan yang default :wink:

Andry : nerima ping dan track? Pretty much, Yeah :)
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rofiq said :

Usul aja, gimana kalo minipostnya juga dimasukin ke feed :)

Andry : Lah kan sudah. Unintentionally :mrgreen:
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anonymuis said :

update htaccess? when i moved to other host (anonymuis) I installed WP (in fantastico), moved the database mysql, changed the permalink structure, but didn't need to do something with htaccess file, I thought it's updated automatically?

Andry : Tell me about it. I was a bit confused too.
I did several attempts, especially xmlrpc.php related. Downgrade it with one that comes from WP 1.5; restore it again ( Even replace it with a nightly build from their SVN. Didn’t work.
I poke around then with FeedWordpress plugins (it needs xmlrpc), and see HTTP Did Not Return 200 or whatever, and this is happened after I patch IXLibrary. (At another host of mine, FeedWordpress is fine and happily pinging and several feeds).
Then I read server logs, found that all my incoming pings are actually reach this host, but couldn’t find the specific post. Now it leads into : messy permalink structures. I simply updated (hitting update permalink button in WP Options) htaccess, and here I go. Back in "The_Loop" again.
All pings (permalink without 'trackback' clause) and trackbacks (permalink *with* 'trackback' clause) are fine now.

(I see 406 error also, but I don’t know what it means :( )
In PHP and, hmm, LAMP architecture I’m a just mere newbie. So, go easy on me.
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rofiq said :

Oh ternyata feednya dimigrasi ke feedburner tho :)
Pantes nggak liat postingan minipostnya, udah diupdate skrg.

Andry : Lha, saya ndak ngutik2 yang feedburner. Bukannya feedburner, seamless, mengambil semua main feeds (dan minipost saya ngikut gag sengaja)?
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anonymuis said :

backing up postcats, posts, cat2posts, comments, etc, delete 1.5, install the newest one, drop the new database and export the backed up one (didn't have to update the htaccess file manually), at least that's what i've done.

mungkin krn upgradenya langsung dari 1.5.0 ke yg baru? (I've never got error on ping/trackback so far, waktu update permalink structure gak disuruh update htaccess juga)

Andry : Like I said, I was confused also. Oh, my web admin has informed me that he's actually upgraded PHP into 5.x, and then downgrade it again into 4 (I forget its minor version number). I think he miss one or two Apache config :).
Oh, about htacces, I have produced the same error on other host of mine. (my main suspicion is even more greater this is about wp's quirks, on that host my b2evo and textpattern ping/trackback is doing fine, whilst wp isnt).
But frankly, hehe, I dont care about it anymore. It works, then so be it :mrgreen:
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Wira said :

Wow, cool blog, both template and contents. Thanks udah smurf ke blog aku, soal smurf Jack Welch memang cuma di ambil sedikit sekali, takut yang smurfnya bosan, di bukunya lebih banyak detail. Oya Crayon Sinchan memang smurf ternyata..

Salam kenal :)

Andry : Feeds subscribed ;)
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isni said :

upgraded!! :mrgreen:

Andry : I know. Inevitable, it is. Upgrade not is futile, my fellow padwan.
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