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Let me have my silence…...

I always believe that human cannot afford loosing someone they love.
That’s why we can’t live forever. It is by design.

And death is the only way to overcome the design.

Before us, a best friend, Indri, has just followed the design. She’s taking the path where sometime soon, we all eventually meet. The place where loosing someone simply doesnt exist.

Sad, spechless. But there is no time for grieve. Rest assure that we’ll remain fighting or die trying, just like what human is designed to believe.

Because Carpe Diem, as once she’s believe, is what human architected for.

I hope we, especially all kantiners deserves a proper justice.

Or else…........

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didats said :

turut berduka........... :(
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gani said :

turut berduka cita, semoga diterima di sisi-Nya
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dental said :

turut berduka 'Dry
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doeljoni said :

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi Roojiuuun
Turut berduka cita Ndry....

Kematian bukanlah perpisahan
tapi kepulangan menuju Sang Khaliq
Semoga Indri selalu dalam peluk dan buai kasih-sayangNya di alam yang baru...

dan semoga hikmah terakhir yang diberikan Indri dan benar-benar terpahami bagi kita yang ditinggalkannya..
teman, sahabat, maupun mr "G" yang menjadi jalan bagi kepulangan sdri Indri pada Sang Khaliq
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cosa said :

turut berduka cita
semoga diterima di sisiNya
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Feb 15, 04:33 PM