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So far so good… so what ?

I have received some complaints from returning readers (hahaha, I wish!), mostly about :

  • commenting is hard. In some circumstances getting error pages, or worse, only get a fine blank holy white page.

  • navigation is a damn crap.

  • im not put any of my “dapur” photo. heh.

  • the font.. please… the font is too damn small!!

  • too much starwars. ok sorry, cant help it :)

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I’ll take it as seriously as I can :)

Issue #1 : I did several trial and error of CSS layout, I’ve added several minor accessoris. Shoutmix for instance, but it’s only temporary. As soon as commenting problem is solved, I will remove shoutmix.

Or else, if you said so.

Issue #2 : Im not sure about this, Im still make couples helples attempt to give more familiar experience. Also, soon as I can get full time blogging again (pretty busy now), I will do my homeworks. Maybe starting from here. That blog mesmerized me.

Issue #3 More on this. Later ;) Trust me.

Issue #4 I’ve tried to make font 1 px larger. But, I dont like it. Introvert person like us (wakaka) usually love a small writing. Thus small fonts ;)

After all, You Can press CTRL + in your browser to get a larger font.

Issue #5 Starwars ? Where ? where ? I didnt see any :)

The wordpress script is not (yet) upgraded. I’m a lazy programmer, and I dont give a damn to minor version increment. When I see it’s works, then so be it.

After all, I kinda feel Wordpress is growing fast. And I’m afraid that someday it’ll begun its journey to the darkside (dooh) and get bloated. And bloated. And bloated. And bloated.
“A nice to have” became a must. “A must” became “nice to have.”

Anyhow, I have these active plugins :

Also inactive plugins :

And a Calendar hack. This hack allowed me to give different color into different day.

TTFN. Any suggestion anyone ?

ps. to Fajar. Dont forget, you’ve promised me to help those gravatars placed in order :)

Update 1:40AM, the saga continues :

  • The themes is based on Kubrick and Man~ja. Heavily ripped unneccessary files, though. You can find these themes at AlexKing Themes Competition (what else??).

  • I’ve seen some CSS switcher, one of them is about switch the font size. I think it’s a good idea to incorporate this. The font’s size look pretty well in Windows, but sure I need CTRL+ when I open it in my new BlankOn (suprisingly, not a problem at all with my FedoraCore on notebook!). It works fine though, on Konqueror and SuSE.
    sigh Cross browser test is not enough anymore these days :(, how on earth can I test it on Safari :( ?
  • Just in case you wandering, Im editing CSS via VS.NET 2005, and get nasty with PHP using this plugin. Hahaha… Agus assume me to code with realm all days, until later he realize that actually I was blogging :). Deceitful I am.

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gani said :

emang ada bbrp blog yg menuntut aku pencet Ctrl + biar bisa baca postingnya, tapi ngga termasuk blog ini ;)
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dental said :

- not too small.. many blogs and site using this size
- found no error on commenting system
- shoutbox? okay..
- i'm waiting for wp1.6
- call me weird.. i dont like starwars hehehe :P
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doeljoni said :

"Ctrl Alt Del" maksud loe ?
Emang MSRE (Microsoft Certified Restart Engineer) ? hehehe
gravatar on
gone-zhar said :

ehmmm gitu yah ? baru tau, tapi klo punyaku kyknya gak bisa ctrl +
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cosa said :

test test
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cosa said :

eh bisa masuk komennya

*maaf, cuman pengen balas dendam yg kemaren gak diterima komennya*
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doeljoni said :

judulnya jadi bikin saya inget obrolan ngaco di kampung :
kalo ada yg latah ngomong "So what gitu lhoo...."
Maka ada yg menyauti dengan kasar, "Soghoooolll,.. Sokraaaan...."
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andry said :

#all : terima kasih untuk saran dan kripik pedasnya !
FYI. So Far So Good .... So What itu judul salah satu lagunya Megadeth... wooo...

#gani : terima kasih attensinya

#doeljoni : bukan jee.. saya MVP (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell). Holds MCXP (M$ Cerified XBox Player) itu sudah dulu... qkqkqk... :mrgreen:

#gone-zhar : welah.. yoopo toh ? pake fixed font gimana caranya ?

#dental : iya. mending nunggu 1.6. atau sekalian ntar 2.0. Pokok nunggu sampai ada perubahan yang significant di WP. Itu juga dengan catatan : tanpa bloat. Kalo bloating kemungkinan besar saya mo banting setir ke PyBlosxom.

#cosa : ngetik banyak lalu unacceptable ? wah.. maaf beribu maaf. saya juga kadang begitu, mau post ternyata eh ternyata ditolak. kayaknya ada beberapa kata yang gak mau diterima sama wordpress. misal'e (sengaja dipisah) : h-t-a-c-c-e-s-s. Ada lagi kata-kata kayak andry_jelek, yang ini pasti langsung diban.
hehe.. anu deh, kalo ada waktu, saya dijapri saja. nanti saya update ke post aja. ok !
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