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Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

I was reading The Art of Project Management, and found good points at first chapter. Simplicity requires much work, sweat, and blood.

The simpler your view of what you do the more power and focus you will have in doing it. Mastering a killer paimei kungfu (or Butong Pay, or whatever) needs an open mind.

In Zen Buddhism we know the concept as a beginner’s mind. The only cup has a room for new knowledge is an empty cup.

Second point I agree with Scott Berkun is about ‘difficult’ :
Simple doesn't mean easy. The best athletes, writers, programmers, and managers tend to be the ones who always see what they do as simple in nature but simultaneously difficult. Remember that simple is not the same thing as easy. For example, it's a simple thing to run a marathon. You start running and don't stop until you've reached 26.2 miles. What could be simpler? The fact that it's difficult doesn't negate its simplicity. Leadership and management are also difficult, but their nature getting things done in a specific way toward a specific goalies simple.

We, programmers, are cursed to over-engineer, reinvent, and over complicate things.

I have a fierce debate and bloodbathing arguments with my workmates about application logging. A 7-layer SOA involving XML-configurable warppers for each class just to log something across multiple computer at the same room seems fun.

Complex things are fun.

I resist the lust of such fun. Plain text deliver us from darkness instead of thousand lines of XML that really dump my stateless brain into such Hibernate condition.

These are mouthful, I know. But you have to chew these.
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nana said :

i know it aint simple at all to comprehend this yet i find it easy to just read all the sentences, afterall they are english words, right? well, now if you talk abou the meaning, like i said before it aint simple nevertheless i have read this :mrgreen: have i managed to confuse you yet?
anyway simple does not easy, yep i am with you *my six sigma projects teach me this particular lesson*
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agusset said :

but... simple doesn't mean difficult also, does itu? :D
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dental said :

simple doesn't mean easy. betul banget.
kerasa ketika client bilang: "Den, make it simple..."
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achedy said :

Tapi, "buat yang rumit" ya pusing juga :mrgreen:

Kalo "buat yang nggilani" lha ini yg gampang :))
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Feb 14, 06:23 PM