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Similiar ?

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It’s about me and Luna A.K.A Lunot A.K.A Lunong. It’s about our “similiarities”.

Some say, it’s our eyebrow.
Second opion would be the cheek.
Umm.. I dont know, our eyes maybe ?
Although, hihihi, my wife always says : "Ears".
Others may yelling “How about nose ?”. I think, naah, she look like her mother.
Most obvious one maybe the hair ? Curly ? Dunno, I used to have straight hair.

Not Sure. You Decide.

If you ask me, If you insist, I prefer answer : our same passion to electronic gadgets bwahahaha !!!
Btw, can you guess which is me anyway ? :)

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tuti said :

hmm.. let me guess.. you're the right one? heheh :D
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Feb 15, 04:32 PM