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Same Shit Different Day

  1. Wakes up. On the wrong side of the bed, and starting to get disoriented about time. Is it dawn ? Is it dusk ?
  2. Get into (pasakbumi). (localhost) to some of you.
  3. De-encrypt “My Documents And Settings” contains my recent works, profiles, archieves, *.pst files.
  4. CTRL+M and CTRL+V (Mozilla and Visual Studio bla bla yadda yadda, respectively)
  5. Get connected to IM. Ups, when did I perform my last Sign Out ?
  6. Get socialized, friendster for some. kaskus for more. You know what, dont estimate the power of cookies. Never logout, never!
  7. More… socialized. BlogWalking (new habits hard to break, huh ?!?).
  8. POP my email at gerandong server.
  9. Load up 6000+/- songs into God-Blessed-Winamp.
  10. Code… surf… chat… code…surf…chat….
  11. Getting more disoriented, fetch some coffee. Several cigarretes.
  12. Did I said code before ? ... umm…ngg.. nevermind. I code.
  13. Supper, dinner, bfast.. .ah.. it doesnt matter. It’s only a state of mind afterall.
  14. And, at last, a co-worker come with VCDs to save the day.

is it “you” enough ? No worry, none of them is sin

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Feb 15, 04:39 PM