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Resolution 27

At my s0-called bday this year, I make some resolutions. Assuming I live at an average age of normal mere mortals.

1. Focus on pursuit of knowledge ‘till 30.
It means 3 years left. Greed and lust for knowledge is a must.
Money is just a cause of actions.

2. Getting serious of making fortune ‘till 40.
Be a Godfather, or alike. 10 years is enough for this illusional mortal live.
Money is primary cause of actions.

3. On 40, for entrepreneurship, virtue, wisdom, zen, and afterlife
It’s time to rejoice complete financial freedom over a strong investment and balanced portofolios. Be a good mere mortal.

Also, I need to make strong attachment to 3 kinds of people (at least) :

  1. A spiritual leader, for my mentor.

  2. A good doctor. I need medical check up and… stop smoking.

  3. A good accountant or financial advisor.

Some paths are stay in darkness. Some are foggy. Some are crystal clear.
Now I need a new mountain to climb. Time to move on.

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doeljoni said :

waduh,.. serius amat mas ngurusin kehidupan :))
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15june said :

seperti daku, susahnya adalah konsisten pada rencana jadi target tidak kunjung tercapai.. soalnya daku cepat tergiur hehehe tapi kayaknya yang diatas itu jangka panjang yah.. till the 40th b'day wish you luck ;)
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andry said :

#doeljoni : serius ? ndak juga. memang kadang saya agak-agak kumat sutresnya :D. cuma kalo gak gini takutnya gw malah jadi zombie... hehehe

$15june : nah tuh dia. konsistensi kayaknya adalah masalah bersama :)
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