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Quote of The (Busy) Week

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.—Voltaire

What can I say, rainy day it is now.

ps :
Someone was asking me, how I can get some good and funny quotes.
I suggest, QuotationPage (feeds), and Think
If you have linux, keep Fortune Cookies running.
If everything else is fail, try devine’s saying (hadith, or alike). Just make sure you don’t have any fallacies quoting such holy literature. Watch closely iVHS, you’ll get the idea.

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doeljoni said :

busy week ?
i remember the day that i wanna slow down th clock...
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bintangjatuh said :

no busy no THR :D
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dudi said :

Itu sapa yang tanya quotation ndry? aku ada nih kurang lebih 4 MB quotation yang aku ambil dari dalam format txt. Mau?

Andry : yang tanya.. hm.. reader tetap kok hehe..
Monggo pak, diimel ke saya. pasti saya pastikan sampai ke yang memerlukan dan hanya digunakan untuk kebajikan saja.
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didats said :

aw.. aw...
jadi udah dapet THR???

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Ozzie said :

Mendingan pake DonkeyQuote buat wordpress aja mas. Jadi ditariknya langsung dari database tertentu.

Andry : Wah, emoh. Bikin berat blog :mrgreen:
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yanti said :

busy week? gw juga, padahal ini kan udah 10 hari terakhir sebelum lebaran *huaaaaaaaa*. ini masih di customer's office, jam segini gitu loooo :((
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