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Prime Time

Life kinda like running TV Station. In a day, we have certain time slot when our body and mind and soul play each role in synergy.


Mine? Between 2 AM and 3 AM (I call myself Vampire Lestat for nothing).

Surely, it doesn’t mean that we can’t focus outside our prime time.

Prime time is It’s the easiest time for us to make ourselves in tune, to switch between alpha and beta brainwave.

At my childhood, during those times, I love sneaking round the backyard and climbing to the rooftop, watching stars. Just when I heard tarhim /adzan, I know it’s time to be a nice little boy again.

Nowadays living the slaving nights of programming, 2 AM is perfect for design/modeling or refactoring.
Often, I can finish entire to-do list for a day before 6 AM (sticking into my ‘blogging schedule’, thus posting an article, is included).

Relaxation is perfect also during these hours. 2 AM is my meditation time.
(Bear in mind, this is not something with crossing legs, saying “ummmm”, and creating the halo cakra in my supersubconcious awareness across seventh aura :p).

It is time for silence, yet still maintain a strong focus.
Combine with strange, beautiful, and inspiring music. Presto !

You know, music such as “Tornado of Soul” is among my preferences. The rhythm is fast, bold, pure, hard, and complicated. Suit my life very well.

I’ve been thinking, in my silence, somehow Dave Mustaine manages to develop a technique that makes his right thumb doesn’t move a bit while the other four fingers dancing 6 frets across his Jackson x-guitar. And his right hand do quick picking. That’s make Yngwie’s arpeggio sweeping looks like a kindergaten skill.


But… wait a minute.
Megadeth has nothing to do with prime time.

I just finished my lunch. Is it 1 PM already ?


Just before I get distracted and humiliate myself for more, for the love of heavy metal Gods, tell me when is your prime time ? How do you survive from your most distracting time slot ? By listening into Acoustic Alchemy or something ?

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Sirait said :

This post is me starting my coder mode. When I find programming problem, I easily get distracted. To stay focus, the idea I’ve been playing is trying to solve the problem on orat-oret (paper or temporary file). It helps a lot. No music. :)

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naga said :

Mine? Between 2 AM and 3 AM (I call myself Vampire Lestat for nothing).
me? no way.
I hate working late at night. When I was student- that’s because i had no choice.
my prime time maybe from 10 to 12 morning.- After breakfast as God ordered.

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dental said :

after bath 8pm-11pm – flexible songs selected randomly pursuant to mood, this week Rammstein drives me crazy

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'ka said :

hey… if i could just stay in bed and sleep as much as i could, i’d be so happy… so my prime time is in bed :D


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gani said :

Pagi abis sarapan, ditemani sepiring nasi goreng dan secangkir kopi hangat, itu prime time bangedh :)
Iringan lagu penenang dan penyejuk hati, batin dan jiwa tentunya Portishead dan Tori Amos.

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pipit said :

My prime time (if I actually have one) is 10-12 am. But when it’s exam or paper season will be 9-12 pm. How to survive from distraction? Easy, switch of the computer and remind my self what kind of mess I will have if I cannot succeed in exam or finishing a paper. No music…just me, my book and table no 76 in the library. :)

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yanti said :

gw sih setelah jam2 ngantuk lewat.. itu sekitar jam 4-an. padahal pas mau bubaran kantor :D.

yg jelas musti ada kopi dan musik yg seru. bisa rock, bisa dance (yg gak terlalu ‘aneh’), bisa Kuch2 Hota Hai, bisa jazz yg cheering-up..

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