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Perspectives 7 comments

For any given question, sometime, we can have more than an answer at hand.

Take for an example, my post about stereotypes of programmers.
My answers were seeing programmers from technical aspects. How a particular person with his/her own personality and tools, solve the problem.

I receive a good respond about it, from my very good friend. (A physical flesh and bone friend, so there’s no URL associated to him).

He replied, there are only two programmers.

First are the professionals. This kind writes good software as the requirement, and deliver them on time or not. They’re stick to customers’ need.
Second is the lousy leech. This kind is the opposite.

I wasn’t surprised at all, considering he is a businessman. He owns a small krupuk factory in Jombang.

See? Same question. Different answer, and equally true.
It’s about perspectives.

If you wish, you can categorize programmer into 2 types also, the prince-charming programmer or Shrek-alike.
(But ladies, bear in mind that there is no such programmer who is prince-charming, having shrek-heart, and also available. Among these traits, you have to pick two…. Hehe…)

These stuffs, reminds me into my approach in software modeling. (Disclaimer: These are simplified real-life experience. Result may vary)

Programming perspectives:

Business Defining user requirement /vision, how do they want their data organized, and all process involved within.
Specification Understanding the object, interface, public properties, or simply: the whole nine yards of spaghetti API.
Implementation I imagine, slaving nights grinding days of programming, debugging, and poisoning my body with lethal doze of coffee.

And now, management techie things:

Business knowing what information we must process and, mapping it into available resources (time, people, our coffee stock opname).
Specification Keeping track of deliverables in organized (and sometime extreme) fashion, such as by project or area of technology.
Implementation Deliverables details and support.

Trying to manage a project without those sets of perspectives? Casting pearls before the swine, eh?

Seeing a thing from different angle, thus “Perspectives”, is a matter of life and death It allows us not to be an autonomous (as Erich Fromm’s Deschooling Society).
What is an autonomous? People having 20 years of experience in his/her goddamn-so-kewl resume but in fact, it’s only 2 years of life repeated 10 times.

Scary shit the hell out of me.

2. Deny

you should think to write in indonesian, andry
since people like me have some strong weakness in english. :lol:
gravatar I'm waiting for another "Perspective" posting about an expert should be.

hi Coy!™

4. toni
scary shit the hell out of you eh?

Hehehehe, that must be the funniest sentence I ever heard today :))

But still, 2 years of life repeated then times, is scary .. they must have been mastering blind coding by those time. ;)
gravatar Nana,
Doing the same thing over and over again using the same mindsets and methodologies and expecting different result everytime is nuts.
It is lower than holy cow :idea:

I've been thinking in opposite direction, Deny. What if I continue to write in English ? To reach greater audiences...

Ha ! There is a significant gaps between smart and rich.

Blind coding si fine, as long as he/she knows where it will be ended up, Toni
gravatar Blognya saya link. Kalo gak keberatan, link balik yak! :lol:
7. 'ka
i'd say to keep writing in english... 'cuz as you said that you'll reach greater audiences.... with greater audiences, you'll be able to receive more opinions and perspectives from others ;)

Your lovely comments, if you please.

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