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Personal DNA

There are tons of personality tests out there.

Wide ranging from simple one (savvy Cosmopolitan’s reader may familiar with quiz such as how good you are in bed ) ‘till serious psychological test that makes your blood run dry.

We know who we are, yet still we keep filling those multiple choices questions.

Why ?

Actually, I have developed four theories about it. I know, I may sound boring as your 65 years old professor.. but read on. Good things happened to people who listen.


First, they know how to make the end result look nice. Even if the test result says bad things about us.

Second, we love to hear what other people say about us. What if Friendster, as we know it, doesn’t have “Testimonial” features ?

You don’t have to read “How to Make Friends and Influence Bloggers” just to find out that most interesting stuffs are the stuffs of our world itself. Per. Se.

Third, your boss made you fill it. Of course, you will be told those tests were necessary in order to measure employee motivation level as critical component of intangible assets on company’s balance score card”.

Yeah, right.

Fourth, you want to know how good you are in bed.

So, based upon my second theory, you would probably carry out your PersonalDNA test. And less likely, see my PersonalDNA report .

Test is a piece of paper. It doesn’t tell you who you are. And most important : it never tell who we are going to be in future.

Class, you may dismiss now.

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lita said :

mmm, i saw you result.
indeed, you have high confidence.
looks good eh?
low empathy? narsis beneran yah ndry? atau sosiopath?

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dental said :

yes of course it doesnt tell me who am I, so I dont believe all these shits hehe

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Silverlines said :

I was tempted to try, so I clicked, but when they say 30 minutes, sorry, I really have to go back later. So now, I got no report to show. But surely, I know who I am …
I think .. :-)

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golda said :

kirian beneran ada test how good Am I in bed, hehehe..
Berikut hasil tes ku, animated analyst

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naga said :

my dna: lazy person.
don’t wanna do the test…

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Silverlines said :

Here it is,

Silverlines Dna Report not really 30 minutes … I still have to assess the accuracy :-)
gravatar on
Silverlines said :

My Personal Dna Report

Hmm .. what happened with the link ?
Let’s try again, shall we ?

gravatar on
Silverlines said :

Alright there, afraid you should go get it in my blog, I guess it’s easier for my lazy-arse … It’s benevolent inventor, by da way ..

Now am gonna check the accuracy-meter :P

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kus said :

/me tak perlu test DNA segala, /me udah tahu karakter sendiri :)

kecuali ntar deh kalau sudah jadi martir buat habisin yahudi keparat itu.

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goz said :

barusan liat genome-nya Matt Ridley di gramedia, trus ke planet terasih liat kang Andry nulis DNA kirain review genome =)

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Hedi said :

I don’t think I am capable enough to do so… LoL…nice idea bro!

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hericz said :


I really want to know how good I am ini bed

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doeljoni said :

amazing… i never realized that i am such person like this

hey… emang kapan berubahnya ???

yang jelas point macho gw lebih gede dari andry hahahahahaha…..

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doeljoni said :

ugh linknya gak nongol…
encourage leader… but sometimes miss the big pictures… too much attention on details…
link text

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Luigi said :

Well, I guess apart from those testimonials from fster, every bit of the element, like your surrounding forms contribution to describe who really one is.. it’s just like piece of a marquee puzzlle.. some says this and others said different… :)

Nice theory, though.. keep analyzing..and I’d comeback for more, kind regards from Monrovia :)

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Silverlines said :

Oh I forgot to mention something, you wrote Wide ranging from simple one (savvy Cosmopolitan’s reader may familiar with quiz such as how good you are in bed ) ‘till serious psychological test that makes your blood run dry.

I totally disagree if the quiz on how good we are in bed are categorized as a simple one, or not categorized as serious … :P
You should know how not simple and how serious it is to be good in bed :P :P :P :P

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