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On ChicagoCrime

Usually, I put interesting URL in my mementoes. But this one is blogworthy. is a site about crime reports in Chicago. What else ? Hehe.. The most stunning aspect is, those reports are freely browseable via RSS ! This is something.. We’ve heard there’s a lot we can get from this tiny XML so-called RSS. However, this site is still amuse me.

After several web-surfing (thank God, my net bandwidth is good tonight) on several amusing aspect such as Crime types and Crime Maps, it gives me couples pop-in thoughts :

Is it possible for us, Indonesian people, to gain such magnificient information via public security and defense service, i.e : Cops ? Hahaha.. you wish.
They still did use Wordstar to release SKKB (Surat Keterangan Kelakuan Baik). Yeah, I recognize how sans serif is printed via dot matrix printer. And I realize (thus, by my own eyes) that they still use mammoth technologies for tax vehicle license. Asthon Tate’s dBase III+, its programmer, who is purely coincident is my own neighbour, had said to me. How can they ever be able to leverage their datas into meaningful informations by the means of web service ?

A pure plain not-indexed gigantic dbf into responsive web service ? You do this stuff, and I will bring my knee down and call you “Master, your kungfu is very good” :)

Crime Report is like news weather service. The number stays in constant move. How is it possible to gain such responsive field-reporting mechanism ? You must utilize e-gadget such cellphones, PDAs, or a radio report system that integrated with some voice logger enabled application. SAPI anyone ? The medium is not a matter. My point is, the speed to manage report into datas is everything.
If you ever report to nearest police station about a crime, say thief or robber, you realize that the reporting mechanism is :
1. They ask for you ID / KTP
2. They type into 3 papers, white, red, and yellow using typewriter. Ya, sadly typewriter.
3. Later, if they have time, they will actually read the yellow one and make it as an entry into their holy-sacred mammoth system.

Did I said Web Service ? I wish.

Real-Time only means one thing : “Late Data is Bad Data”.

ChicagoCrime claim that their infos is Real-Time. Take a medical machine to monitor patient’s heartbeat. If the LCD display is not showing the most actual heartbeat condition, well, consider yourself lucky if you get out alive from such hospital. Worse you will be dead. More deadier than Elvis (He is dead, isnt he ?)

And Im pretty sure Ashton Tate dBase III+ is not designed to handle Real-Time datas.

Hey hey.. wait a minute. Army indeed leading the world of utilizing most recent technologies. I said, what technologies ? If you said “Hulk”, or “X-Men”, or “Illusional Weapons of Mass Destruction”... I agree. I’m not talking about destructive technologies, I’m talking about providing free information into the public.

The first step to good governance, I believe, is transparency. IT only a tool to make it happen. It depends on good will of our leaders, or hehe… bloghospere pressure into our leaders.

This is only a way to say “bagi proyek e-govnya po’o”.. hueueuuee….

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Feb 15, 04:35 PM