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My 2006 Must-Watch Movies

Batman Begins and Revenge Of Sith made 2005’s movies are not so plain suck.

In 2006, I hope it will be better. So I’m doing my homework, and put some movie highlights here, just to remind myself.

  • Aeon Flux
    A beautiful assasin (yeah, it’s Charlize Teron) in a serious plot to overthrown the government.
  • Caché
    Mysterious videotapes of our live, via a hidden camera. Freaky terror.
  • Cars
    A talking car trying to find its way into big race. Btw, It’s Pixar’s.
  • Casino Royale
    A James Bond movie remake, debut of Craig something (I forget his name). Well, it’s James Bond, so it is a must see. Heh.
  • The Constant Gardener
    Pipit made me to believe this one is worth watching.
  • Da Vinci Code
    You know the story. Langdon, Louvre, Davinci’s painting.
  • Mission: Impossible 3
    Seeing critics in previous two movies, it is impossible to see solo-action of Ethan Hunt in this trilogy-finale (or is it finale ?)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
    Yet another misadventures of Jack Sparrow, dealing with Davey Jones of ghostship “Flying Dutchman”.
  • Superman Returns
    Spiderman loose his power when he found MJ left him. Superman loose his confidence when Lois Lane dump him. Uh, man of steel you say..
  • Tristan and Isolde
    Actually, I know about this movie from E! Movie Weekend. It’s romantic and tragic love story. Before Romeo and Juliet, between Franco (a knight) and Myles (married future Queen of England).
  • Underworld : Evolution
    The eternal battle between fangs and claws. Vampires and Werewolfs are always terrific to see.
  • V For Vendetta
    Godfather plus Matrix (and Natalie Portman). How bad can it be ?
  • X-Men 3 I’m looking forward to see the special fx of Jane Grey resurrected as Phoenix. Wolverine and Storm is still around of course, with new addition of villains such as Juggernauth.

Updates via Gani :

Lucky me if you have any other recommendations.
(I’m gonna enjoy watching all of these with you ;) )

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fahmi jelek said :

Warkop DKI, pasti masih sering diputer lagi di tivi tivi hihihi… :D

gravatar on
Silverlines said :

” And I’m gonna enjoy watching all of this with you ;) ”

And who’s the lucky “you” here … is more interesting to know than the review .. ;-)

Review about the movie watching is required :-D

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gani said :

Pilem2 superhero emang mrpk salah satu yg kutunggu di 2006 ini :)
Kalo 16 Blocks dan Miami Vice nggak masuk nominasi?

gravatar on
basibanget said :

Constant Gardener udah nonton tuh siyul2

gravatar on
didats said :


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goldie said :

waks.. kemarin2 baru beli 25 keping dvd di ratu plaza yang @ 6000 dengan kualitas top (ngeburn langsung dari aseli nya, plus kertas casing yg bagus).. kurang apa lagi coba?

yang kurang = waktu menonton, karena dihabiskan dengan ngenet dan pacaran.. sigh..

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dental said :

Davinci Code ama Superman Returns wajib neh
too bad pacar jauh, gak punya movie date lagi… sigh
@[email protected]

gravatar on
rendy said :

yang mo minjemin dvdnya ngacung!

gravatar on
'ka said :

don’t get it… koq ya nyari nya bajakan… sedih banget sih.

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pipit said :

Nggak ditambah sama Ice Age II and Brokeback Mountain? :)

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hericz said :

kayaknya isinya film berteknologi tinggi semua tuh

No No Drama, you don’t want no drama? (BEP-my humps)

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andry said :

I’ll try to review them. I’ll try.
another card on the table, eh?


Kalo gw di jkt, mestinya ya udah nonton. Huh !

Goldah, Dentalh,
Menonton film apapun memang lebih enak berdua :p

Akan ditambahkan.. hehe..

Hidup gw udah penuh drama, jadi ngapain nonton drama ? :D

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vnuzday said :

superman return!!!!
Yup, he is my hero. man of steel juga bisa menangis lo. :P

gravatar on
Silverlines said :

patiently waiting for another card on the table

What happened to Oliver Twist, you don’t fancy to see it ? Well, good for daughtie though …. ;-)

gravatar on
dodY said :

x-men and mi3 aja deh! ehheeh

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kusaeni said :

Monster! aza , lagi nunggu aksi selanjutnya dari Johan Liebert!

kalau doi lagi bergerak , semua pilem yang kau sebutin … Lewat!

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