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My 2005’s Fave Posts

Well, it’s been almost a year since I move my blog on blogspot into my own narcistic domain. Wordpress is proven useful for my cause.

Like I said, even not all songs of the misty Led Zeppelin are rocks. So is this blog. Some post are just blatant uninteresting online diary of riveting entries such as “homework sucks” and “I slept until noon today” (via).
Some are good as heaven and some are dazed and confused sucked in purgatory.

Though, it is evidence that not all glitters are gold, but we’re all agree that shiny posts are deserved to be rock and rolled again. Just ask the lady over there who sure about that gold.

I pick my 2005’s fave.

I read several shameful posts. Years from now I’m pretty sure that I will feel shame also with my current prideful posts. But fear not, I’m not going to wipe them.

Making joke of my own mistakes and naivety, is surely become my new hobby.

Value the learning process, we must.
And for those who value the numbers, I present this promising traffic chart. Enjoy.

2005 traffic


  1. February - April : Sucked. Sucked. Sucked.

  2. July : I join the dark force Planet Terasi.

  3. August : So is Merdeka.

  4. September : That's holiday season.
    And now, the number is climbing. I love you, my beloved rss readers. Mwwaahhh.

Next Year plan

  1. Move into root domain

  2. Start loving TextPattern

  3. And more english posts.

What da ya think ?
gravatar on
didats said :

anjrit!!! NARSIS TENANAN!!!

doh, gw cuma bisa ngiri ngeliat blog... :((
gravatar on
nana said :

more english posts? i like that idea :idea:
gravatar on
kusaeni said :

yep , come with me on a journey :)

ini daftar the best of andyhuzain ya .. sepertinya ada perlu penambahan .. favour comments ya ya walau tulisannya fave post :P

oh iyah .. buat tahun depan ayo borongan pindah ke TXP dan ... tolong dong kasih tahu gimana cara import TXP , yang benar2 clean .. soal kategori mah gak masalah yg penting clean.

sudah lewat menu import malah babalas , memang bisa cuma .. gak biasa.
gravatar on
rifie said :

nice one! hehe jujurly your blog itu termasuk daily read saya.. hehehe.. :mrgreen:

keep blogging om andry!
gravatar on
golda said :

hwalah, postingan mu itu wuakeh meh Ndry..
Koq jek isa milih2 sing mbok sukai? Aku ae wis mbulet mocone :shocked:
gravatar on
golda said :

koq icon 2 bola mata mbelok itu gak bisa sih???
gravatar on
golda said :

aarrgghhhhhhhhh ulang ulang
ternyata bisa :lol:
gravatar on
Pipit said :

Nice stats you got there. More english posting..setuju!!

Met tahun baru :)
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