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Monday Appointment Is A No-No

Here’s my tip:
Whatever you do, especially creative workers, do not make an important appointment in Monday.

By making important appointment such as project presentation and/or user acceptance test (or alike) in Monday, I tell my subconscious mind to work in weekend.

This is because I won’t work so hard in Friday:

  • Stupid TGIF tells me so.

  • Friday is a “short” day due to roundtrip for Jum’at.

I don’t know why but it’s true that Friday seems such a short-day.

Saturday ain’t a glorious working day either. My Saturday is the best day to evaluate my whole week and make planning for the next week.
What did I miss?
Who are the best available resources to do this task?
Which .NET assemblies did I fucked up last Wednesday?
Did I wrote that *.jar last week?

Have I bought toblerone for my wife?
(Cheaper than fancy steak, but powerful enough, by means of calories consumptions)

Long story make short, Saturday is Habit number 7: Sharpen the saw.

And I introduce habit number eight nine, you Covey’s zealot: Monday important appointment is evil.

Creative workers such as programmers or designers need constant lethal injection of motivation everyday. And I think Friday-Saturday is most effective day to play with my right side brain. Friday-Saturday is when dreams are formulated. Project’s vision calculated. Catching the wave, learning new technology and making spike.

Whether Sunday is, well, best day to give your Teddy Bear a hug. Depends on your personality, of course heh… (I hug someone, a real human being person, FYI)

So these goes to Marketing Department: It’s your job to convince the customers not to make important appointment on Monday. Use the ability to put ideas on others’ head.

I don’t care how. Lie, cheat, or steal.

Better yet, use Jedi mind trick if you need to (do this while you weave your Jedi hand to customer):

The Marketing Jedi: Monday important appointment, path to the darkside is. Okay?
Hypnotized client: Okay.

If you do what I said, I guarantee you won’t miss your weekend.

Like I did, last a couple of days. Bah.

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nana said :

slaving throughout the weekend with *break* here and there? :mrgreen:
:arrow: btw, the toblerone paragraph up there, am i reading what i am reading? :roll:

Andry : Just read between the lines, then. As usual.
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doeljoni said :

So, master what should a jedi do when a fight is pointed in Monday ?
How to win the fight crushed on Monday ?

Andry : shit happens all the time. We live in not-so-perfect world. so, stay agile. stay sharp.
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yanti said :

"I don’t know why but it’s true that Friday seems such a short-day."

apalagi Jumatku yang kemarin. diawalin dengan olahraga, lalu cek imel, ceting di YM, makan siang sama ibu2 (aku IIM, bukan ibu2), shalat zhuhur, terus ceting lagi sampe sore.
that's what they call "Hari Krida" :mrgreen:.

emang bener, Senin jgn bikin appointment penting lah. apalagi kalo overdosis pas wiken kemaren :twisted:.

ups, ini blognya 17 tahun ke atas kan?

Andry : O.. pantes diajak ceting gak njawab-njawab. Idle aja nggak :razz:
17 tahun ? G-Rating ? Hanya butuh common sense saja.
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kere kemplu said :

emang bener. senin tuh, kalo bisa buat rapat2 internal. :mrgreen:

Andry : betul. supangat sepakat !
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mpokb said :

lah barusan saya malah jadi tester makanan catering... kalo gitu taktik pemasaran dia salah? tapi tetap enak kok.. hehehe *kenyang*

Andry : waa.. nyuwun :razz:
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Ronny said :

Bah, makin dikit aja hari produktif. Senin not good karena masih tersisa malas abis libur, selasa not good karena masih tersisa bete hari senin, kamis not good karena udah deket friday org kerja gak konsen, friday udah jelas not good karena kepotong ini itu dan banyak bolos belum lagi kebawa nyantai, sabtu minggu libur, jadi tinggal rabu. Tapi kantor saya rabu juga tutup. Pas dah.

Andry : Wah, mood-driven-development :razz:
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Deny said :

everyday is a good day :lol:

sometimes (mungkin all the times),
pikiran kita terpengaruh sama ungkapan-ungkapan,
yang entah siapa yang buat.

- i don't like monday
- thanks god it's friday

dan sejenisnya.


Andry : Bagi saya, EIS.
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didats said :

hahaha.. senen...
macetnya itu loh...

Andry : pake teknologi star trek aja 'Dats. Beam me up, Scotty.
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dental said :

ini sebabnya deadline gw selalu jatuh hari minggu...?
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'ka said :

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Silverlines said :

I had an appointment with my dentist to do a stupid root canal on Monday 8 AM, which is yesterday. On a second thought .. I won't let my Monday getting more spoiled because of the painful root canal and moreover the painful bill. I moved the appointment to today, then. By the way, the bill still IS painful when I saw it. Aaarrghhh !!
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Pipit said :

Setuju! Paling enggak terhindar dari panik karena ketinggalan the last flight (on Sunday) dan harus menginap satu malam. Pengalaman pribadi yang baru saja terjadi..*sigh*
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Ozzie said :

You know... I have a full day on monday from 7AM until 5PM. So wether I want it or don't, I just have to do it :(
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Mas Jabier said :

4 years in Newmont and about 1 year in Bali : No, thanks...for any presentations on Mondays. I would prefer Wednesday or Thursday.

I used Jedi skills,..or Surabaya's old style : "Wis,..ojok senen Cak...Rabu ae yo...Senen utekku jik nglundas.." ...hahahahahah..
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