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Memoirs Of Geisha

GeishaBig book is big bore. Instead of reading novel, I would prefer wait in agony for its movie.

Memoirs of Geisha is my first novel I’ve ever read. No kidding.
I was intrigued by Arthur Golden’s central character: Nitta Sayuri.

Being a Geisha isn’t just about ended up being a hooker [pun intended]. This “profession” (if we may call it so) -Geisha- is way much more elegant.

Yes. There is Mitsuwage : giving the virginity to someone –probably landlord— who came with the highest bid.

But Geisha, actually is an entertainer. A singing lady and “lady escort” for tea-drinking ceremony in late evening. And they are also known as hard worker. They sleep only about 3 or 5 hour a day.

The novel takes us to Japan at 1930’s. Many believe that Sayuri is actually a real-life person : Mineko Iwasaki. She’s the main source for Arthur Golden writing this novel.

Memoirs’ story is compelling. By a cliché story of poverty, Sayuri was sold to a pimp in Kyoto at 5 and at 15, she had her Mitsuwage. Like any other big novel, there’s boring storylines also.

However, the movie looks promising. They got Zhang Zi Yi, Michelle Yeoh, and Ken Watanabe (Batman Begins, Last Samurai). I’m not gonna miss it, next month.

Yeah, time to grow up. Screw Harry Potter :razz:

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yanti said :

what? screw HP? filmnya asik kok.. Radcliffe-nya imut 8).

gw makin ke sini justru makin males baca novel tebal. dulu pas kuliah, pas SMA malah, baca novel tebal asik2 aja. skrg malah milih sejenis "Jomblo"nya Adhit. mungkin krn lebih milih main sama anak, dan pas anak bobo, gwnya juga tepar :mrgreen:
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fahmi jelek said :

iyo, aku ya kecewa, cho chang nggak secantik bayanganku :p
nunggu zhang zi yi ae :mrgreen:
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Ozzie said :

Screw what! :evil: (penggemar harpot nih!)

Nonton dulu filmnya, baru di-screw hehehe :mrgreen:
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Ebo said :

I would prefer to keep more real geishas for my life
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doeljoni said :

*lirik fahmi*
fans-nya zang zi yi juga?
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Imponk said :

Jadi inget postingan seseorang tentang ibu yang memanggil putrinya dengan nama Gaisha. Apakah salah jika seorang ibu memanggil begitu yang memang nama anak itu?
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'ka said :

who on earth is cho chang?

Andry : Lha aku yo ndak weruh. Mimi memang hidup di dunia yang agak berbeda domain ...
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Pipit said :

Memoirs of Geisha beneran bagus toh? Kemaren-kemaren ragu mau belinya. Udah nenteng2 sih..jadi beli deh. :)
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nikk said :

belom sempet punya Ndry...
minimal ngliat trailer-nya udah bikin ngiler.... :Þ :twisted:
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angie said :

memoirs of geisha? bukunya bagus bangeeetttt. sekali baca ga bisa diletakin lagi.

film-nya??? just

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