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An excerpt from Essential Blogging :

Blog for fun. If it stops being fun, you’re doing it wrong. —Paul Beard

Besides of making a helluva lot of friends, the most fun part of blogging is learning something new. Also, new blogoshpheres to explore. New ideas and viruses to be discussed.
New frontiers. New possibilities.

Just like this new fun”bloody”tastic technorati tag plugin.

I love my blog. Call me narcist, I’m ok. I’ve spent countless hours to get the permalink right, gravatars on proper places, and simple CSS workout to make everything right on any browser. Any operating system. Any different cultures.

And, your most favourite blog must be yours, indeed.


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pamiy said :

ayo itu essential blogging kasi link ke tempat download pdf-nya dunk... :D
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andry said :

#pamiy : Coba ke sini. Baru saya coba, mumpung bisa. Kalo memang down mending ke t4 saya, 12GB e-books :)

Essential Blogging.

Lalu, kamu mungkin tertarik Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies :

Dan, Publishing a Blog with Blogger : Visual QuickProject Guide"

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pamiy said :

aseekkk... kamsyah yah :D
yg essential blogging lancar jaya, ini lagi jalan.
tapi yg di rapidshare, wancik, arek kene doyan kulakan nang rapidshare pisan cak, ngantri IP sampek ngkuk bengi... :p
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kang ebet said :

hidup narsiss... *kedib2*
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dental said :

bloggin is totally fun! never satisfied of my css, blowing my phone bills, for some people blog is theirself not yet for me... ;)
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andry said :

#pamiy : you wanna premium account on rapidshare ? me too :mrgreen:

#kang ebet : lho, kan betol toh. Narcist is fun ;)

#dental : Fun and profitable. We call 'em business with pleasure :wink:
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nana said :

Hohohoho itu pake kata helluva, situ sudah minta ijin sama saya? :p yep the quote is correct! it it stops being fun, don't blog! talking about getting some friends? I even got crazy ones to understand my craziness ;)

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