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It Is Not Daydreaming 19 comments

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun

Every guitarist knows how to play simple tune of “Wonderful Tonight” but do every one of them know how to play it as Eric Clapton ?

I believe it’s easier to play our own song (written by ourselves) rather than play someone else’s song.
Why? Because we once experienced the song ourselves.

So, to play “Wonderful Tonight” perfectly, I have to experience myself that someone asked me “do I look alright, honey?”
(And I said yes, you look wonderful tonight)

To play songs very well, we need to experience ourselves the meaning on those songs. Or at least, dream about it.

You might say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

This is my philosophy.
Dreaming is a vital process for everything.

Take for an example : developing successful software.
As soon as I got my clients’ requirement, I don’t rush into modeling all business process and user stories.

Instead, I lock my self in my solitary shell, close my eyes, stretch my legs, put my head in pillow, have a good coffee, and start to dream about the software.

What widgets are suitable?
Outlook style? MDI?
Using any complex threading?
Who will be using it?
How long lifetime of the software ?
After first three months, how much spaces will the database took?
And so on, and so on.

Then and only then, after I have a solid-rock dream in my head I will start to sketch the model .

So honey, this is what we should do with the yellow spot in our canvas : put tangible qualifications on it such as specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timeline1.

We can call them visions, then. We can call it : “sun”.

1 SMART goals, How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci (audio book).


First, you don’t need to play Wonderful Tonight the way Eric Clapton does, it might even sounds better when you play the way you play it. (Please note the word might)

Second, you don’t have to experience yourself to be able to play Wonderful Tonight perfectly, otherwise, can you imagine those single and looking guitar players out there who couldn’t find a perfect match to ask them _ Do you feel alright?_

Third, make sure when you mention good coffee, it is good coffee, not just taste like coffee :P

Damn, it is scary to be the first one to comment !!!

2. lita

enak ya andry, kerjanya bisa sambil tidur :mrgreen:


And by the way, I rarely dream, even if I do, I never remember what that is the next morning or never even bother to look for the meaning. Does it mean that one vital part of the process is not there ?

You left too wide a room to comment hehehe. Do excuse my restless brain, please. It needs some repairment, I believe, errr … I mean, my brain.


it is easier to play our songs.
tapi kadang membuat lagu sendiri lebih susah dari pada memainkan lagu orang lain.

specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timeline.
love it! you’re mastering it.

5. gani

You know I’m a dreamer
But my heart’s of gold
I had to run away high
So I wouldn’t come home low

terusin sendiri nyanyinya :p


kadit intreng ayas sam :D

7. vnuz

Aku bisa suka dengan sebuah lagu dikarenakan liriknya.
“Sometimes I see the power of the song by it’s lyrics”

OOT :Eh, ndry.. awakmu gag ndek malang?? engko tak dolani. :)

8. hedi

wah repot juga ya kalo gitu…harus ngalami sendiri dulu :D

9. toni

Since the only constant thing in software development itself is changes, I don’t think it’s wise enough to lock yourself inside your room. Not to mention dreaming about what the software will best suits your wish :). And not what your client what but what you dream your client will want it to be.

Sketch your model early, confirm them periodically, put some coffee in between, squash the bugs, refactor your code necessarily. Importantly, do not rush into details. They may be just too early to think about.

I mean, OMFG, why would you lock yourself in the solitary shell (cell?)? :p

PS: I’ve never done what I’ve just said, so you can consider it a dream. Well, you said yourself: you may be a dreamer but you’re not alone ;)

10. andry

Let me rephrase this :
As soon as I got my clients’ requirement, I don’t rush into modeling all business process and user stories.

So first thing to do is : getting what my clients want. Getting their dreams, complete with any environment constraints.

Second, just before my left brain pump some logics thinking, I unleash the right brain first.

You can do Unit Test step by step , by the book. But I trust my creative part to create possible scenarios and then ask my left brain to develop the test using NUnit/JUnit.

Dream, also help me to see the bigger picture before dwelve into iteration.

Dream, also help me to pick several alternate methods to solve my client’s problem based on “what they want” (usually, they ask for better, cheaper, and faster solution).

Imagination is important than knowledge, don’t you think ?

11. ebo

Andry, you look powerful tonight


no matter what you write in the first paragraph, you almost always end up writing about software stuff.

you look like two cables that don’t connect to each other tonight :D

runs away and hides

13. andry

I know. I am (pake icon kacamata)

Hahaha… bukan kamu doank yang ketipu :D

14. nikk

ada ilmu buat nangkal rontok-mimpi?

mimpi saya akhir-akhir ini
sering rontok karena klien kabur
tanpa bayar pesenan.


ya, ya, ya. spt honda bilang, the power of dream. martin luther king juga bilang “i have a dream”. lha dream theater bilang apa?


you right

it’s harder to continue other people song
especially when it’s break on the reff…

how do you think about being forced to resume other’s people development ?
it’s harder… and i’ll cost them double

17. yanti

UML masih laku ya Ndry :). kayaknya harus buka2 ‘kitab’ lagi nih gw :)

18. hericz

And i say YES, it sounds wonderfull tonight!

Sampeyan bener2 masternya ilmu human engineering!

geleng-geleng kepala

19. andry

Bukan menangkal mimpi, tapi mengimbangi. Shit happens if you’re not working hard.

Kere Kemplu
Van Halen juga punya “Dream” :D

We live in not-so-perfect world. Carry on other’s dream is fine as long as we can align our dream with his/her. I call it “the art of negotiation”.

Yo’i. Try this UML Cheatsheet PDF

Lebih tepatnya, hacking into your mind and put my ideas into your head, that is :D

Your lovely comments, if you please.

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