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Infect it like Beckham

beckham.jpgLast night, I’ve succesfully incubating the beckham trojan. I intentionally click images   download from chat room, and there we go.
I’m courious , and excited, about its behavior. The virus, woks just fine. It is perform several standard requirement such as degrading network bandwidth, infecting other pcs, and most important is opening a backdoor.

But it is harmless in Spain (good boy). Freaky hillarious.
I know if you’ve been watching El Galacticos lately, you will strongly agree with the my term usage of “harmless in spain”.

I wonder, we can start doing our OWN trojan. Say :

  • trojan that needs another trojan to do the (dirty) works. The schumi-barichello trojan.
    You may add it a nice feature, say, the virus which is turn desktop wallpaper into red color will surely change into dominant Blue Yellow if Monaco IP is detected. Yeehaw.

  • trojan that works over US, but not in China. Yao Ming trojan.
  • If you have invested a lot money but your trojan doesnt work, even worse, call it Persebaya trojan.
    (eh C*k!, adapes rotomku letter “N”, ongis_nade_mode = ON)

  • If you have invested a huge gizallion of money, and it works, surely it is Chelsea trojan.
  • The trojan that will scare the shit out of ya by the mean of actually make a strong physical manifestation by summoning a spawn of itself out of your pc’s monitor. Ring’U trojan.
    You need PERL, suicide ropes, a mirror, a ladder, and witchy witchy bang bang spells from an angry father to make the project come true.

  • Kiyosaki trojan. Trojan that will hypnotize you to join yet another MLM shit program (yet another rat race). 
  • in case you’ve just create a holy grail of trojan, I suggest you name it Sheva. It see, it run, it scores. And , it is fast. If you preferer the old lady, you can named it Nedved.
  • CreditCard trojan. You dont need to do anything. Just hand over your c c into beloved one.
  • As a final journey, you have to pursuit the trojan that binds them all in the darkness. If you find yourself alergic into sulfur, hate volcanoes, and never ride a stupid giant eagle before, this must be your death sentece then.

Enough chat. Install you Visual Trojan Builder and let’s do this shit.

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Feb 15, 04:39 PM