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How do I bolster (my) creativity

Doing routines ?
Bored ?
Logic thinking all day ?

This is what I do when I loose my sanity in a fast spinning world of chaos logic.

  • I pick a project that I feel fully comprehend at best. And I start asking myself at least 10 question to improve it.

  • Deadline is good for creativity explosion. This is self explanatory.

  • Music. A simple Muse to Techno Rave to Slayer to Mozart Nicolo Paganini randomly.

  • List at least 2 ideas I’ve been lurking on and start MOVING before someone else does. This is very a good cure for my procastination habits.

  • Turn off all e-gadgets and devices. Get a good sleep and embrace my Zen. When a sleep is not applicable (under serious deadline for instance), I do meditate as His Excellency Palpatine “Sedious Sith” does. Hehehe..

  • Learning a new programming language (ah ya, Ruby or Ajax) but in disturbing fashion of manner. I code nuclear sequence launch, hacking a warhead disarm, design a Dead Star of mine and point the pulse directly into Israel or something..

Then I use a set of guidelines to judge the “quality” of an idea :
It has to be simple, unique (mainstream is bad), and has to sell something.

Ah, I must repeat this mantra again : Mainstream is evil. F**k the system.
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