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Hell Yeah !!!

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful
You’ve got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog. Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights. A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time. You blog for yourself – and you don’t care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!
What’s Your Blogging Personality?
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doeljoni said :

aktualisasi diri ya Ndry ??

oh yeeeaah,....

welcome to planet terasi :D

Andry : Wish me luck upon my journey to the darkside.
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Lili said :

Jurnal memang lebih utk personal kok awal mulanya.
Jadi emang udah dari aslinya utk pribadi, so enjoy ajahhhh

Andry : oalah. Lah wong ini betulnya posting untuk ngetest upgrade WP-nya lancar nggak. Ndak ada maksud apa-apa
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dental said :

Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant Garde
You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog. You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head. Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent. You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content

Andry : bener-bener jadi baton... ediiiann...
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