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Clock’s ticking; a year has passed since I wrote my last resolution. Having said that, it means only 2 years left for me to stay in fast lane.

So in a year, I’ve been thinking about this question:

What are the most essentials technologies that ensure my agility moving jobs/projects in various environments?

According to an old DevX article (replied by OReilly), there are 10 must-have skills just to keep our head above the water (I play around a bit with the order).

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Design Patterns. At least GoF patterns (c# example).
  • XML (Whole family : DTD, XSD, XSLT, DOM/SAX parser)
  • SQL
  • Regular Expressions
  • Linux/Windows
  • Java, C++, C#, and VB.NET
  • Web Services and SOA
  • JavaScript
  • Flash MX

First I must confess, I give up C++.
My reason is purely “financial”. I have none projects on C++ :d

JavaScript is important glue so I cannot simply remove it. On the other hand, I think AJAX is already beating Flash MX in developer’s areas.

I believe during the writing of that article, Flash MX has made the way to the list because the market demands that time. Back to 2002, Flash MX is only our hope to build rich web application.

Nowadays, AJAX is on the move. Adaptive Path has coined AJAX on February 2005, but the numbers of its early adopter are enormous. Web 2.0 applications (i.e. : GMail) suddenly flood the floor.

I’m not saying that Flash MX has becomes less important. But considering those facts, AJAX is surely a rising star.

The other new hottiest is Ruby on Rails. As a lightweight yet powerful web application framework, RoR has won many of developers’ heart. It is not surprising since RoR is built with agile principles and a lot of practical practices in its very heart.

Final Remarks

Despite of my personal preferences on Java/.NET/RoR, I keep my list vendor-free. Low cohesion with any politics, marketing stuffs, and bullshit jargons.

In short, these skills are technology agnostic.

Example, knowing Macromedia 8 works is fine. But I prefer to boost the knowledge on XHTML/CSS and Web Standards. Gave us any tool (FrontPage, anyone? :d), still, we will came up with semantically correct website(s).

With these mindsets, we can survive on any environments and tools lust. This is my take.

In the meantime, check you CV. Is Macromedia 8 still on your list?