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Effective Communication

What kinda tools are you using to keep everyone at your department and/or office stay informed?

  • Sticky notes/Post-It?

  • Super fancy stuff centralized knowledge management system runs across enterprises?

  • A lousy assistant or a secretary to busy round around?

  • Or maybe –in the name of sacred Web 2.0 hype– you are using blog and wiki ?

I use wiki at intranet. Encourage others to use it wisely. So when the people leave, his/her knowledge stays.
I use plain papers to sketch ideas, and pass them on for others.

But there are things better left unsaid.
Better, they are not archived as well, yet still need to spit out anyway.
“Failure to communicate” means civil war, you know what I’m saying?

So we use whiteboard, like this one. And this morning, I smile. Bitter.

Kids. How embarassing :mrgreen:

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nana said :

hahahahahahaha still using whiteboard? cutie! we are using outlook, no memo any longer, phone voice mail, sticky notes are still used although minimized because they are simply not at all cost effective :D and yes this lousy assistant to manage the traffic *that is when she is not busy blogging and chatting*

Andry : Outlook bajakan ?
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doeljoni said :

sebenarnya kau pengen komentari paragraf 1 sama 3 nya ...

tapi ngeliat gambar yg di pajang, jadi ilfeel deh (ilang feeling)... bhuahahhahha

"Hoooeeee Kampes-e sopo di gantung ning kipas angin ??? Ambune reeeeeeeeeeeeeek......"
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yanti said :

Better, they are not archived as well, yet still need to spit out anyway.

*terkapar, ketendang banget*

“Failure to communicate” means civil war, you know what I’m saying?

I know, I know.. Guns n Roses, Use Your Illusion II

Andry : Waks ? Koleksi kaset kita juga sama ?
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doeljoni said :

sorry salah ketik 'kau' harusnya 'aku' :D
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Silverlines said :

Ah .. speaking about communication ...
How I wish to be able to explain something to someone now ..
*mellow mode on*

Andry : lho.. gampang toh...
Let us live!!!
Let us love!!!
Let us share the deepest secrets of our souls!!!

You first.

Hehe :mrgreen:
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zie said :

inget waktu kos dulu pas pulang kuliah gi laper2 nya ada note diatas meja.. "sori hun gw ga sempet masak" gubrakss mo pingsan dehh :D
Ehh lo kan salah satu orang yang dinanti2kan shout-an nya pak hihi.. *kaburrr

Andry : mending tuh.. saya malah pernah pulang jam 3 pagi dapet 'surat cinta' kecil :
"hun, makan malamnya di kulkas". Keeeejjjaaaaammmm...
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mpokb said :

untuk woro2 internal tetap pakai pinboard, atau kalo gak kebaca kembali ke cara lama, ditelponin satu2 atau diteriakin (kalo seruangan) hehehe...

Andry : Yep, there's no school like old school
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bintangjatuh said :

bagaimana dengan milis atau CVS mas?
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Silverlines said :

You first .. ;-)

Andry : Well, uumm...
hey hey.. what happen with "lady's first" nowadays ?
Anyway, are you sure that you are using whiteboard for this kinda thing ? :razz:
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nana said :

outlook bajakan? wah ndak maen. semua asli lah bulk purchase done by the corporate office you know for 700 properties worldwide :D
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Silverlines said :

I guess it's the side effect of the gender balance issue, we tend to be picky on what do we want to be first on ..
Whiteboard, tagboard, any kind of board works well for me ;-).
Are we talking about my mellow mode or the office kinda communication. Phone and emails, only, for my unit. Whiteboard for some other office comm. like travels, security advice etc.
So, your turn, NOWWWW .. ??

Andry : Ups.. you really got me now. Later later... (but Im not promise, as usual :mrgreen: )
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doeljoni said :

gak ada respon tentang kampes... :P
kayaknya emang pernah kejadian..

** kabur **
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achedy said :

Rachmad iku Rachmad Hidayat tah pak :)
Salam yen ketemu yo.
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