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Double Standard

Harry Potter, Lion King, and King Kong shouldn’t be allowed here, just like Sin City.

My reasons are clear.

  • Harry Potter use magic. Magic is a sin. You don’t wanna see your little daughter grow up as a witch, do you ?
  • Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog were not only homosexual lovers, but inter-species lovers as well.
  • We don’t fall in love with a giant ape.

Some cartoon, me thinks, are indeed dangerous.

Note : Any comment with anti freespech agendas will be deleted.
And yeah, you have to thick the checkbox “this is not Spam” also, Fahmi.

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Silverlines said :

Well, I got no comment on the Magic thingy … As most of Indonesian people are verrrryyy familiar with the word “magic” .. they (or we ?) even invented what we call now “ketok magic” hehehe.

And why falling in love with interspecies are ‘forbidden’, don’t we also date some beasts (at heart !)

Giant apes .. this one I tend to agree, I have not change my orientation to any apes, be it normal size, let alone a giant hahaha.

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'ka said :

well… we live in a double-standard world… what can you do?

and are you seriously saying this?

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lita said :

heheh.. aku juga suka harry potter. walau dalam ‘dunia nyata’ aku menganut ‘sihir itu haram’. i don’t wanna see my sons growing as wizards!

well well… ain’t i hypocrite? or just double standard? or the same. you pick

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andry said :

It’s dog eat dog situation out there. Beast (at heart) is unavoidable.
My point is.. refer to Kingkong.. is the real beast :p
Magic, I refer to “Sihir”. Not “Sulap”, the smoke and mirror.

The movie part… nah. I’m joking (pardon my black humor).

But read between lines, mark some punchlines. I kid no more.

I think it's about our common sense threshold, or simply I say : tolerance level. "Sihir" is serious sin, but Harry Potter would do no harm. I mean, I do Electro Petronum several times with my Luna and nothing happen. Heh.

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rifie said :

I’m not a huge fan of Harry, Lion or King Kong… Hi Kong!

Well, it’s a free country. You can distributed anything. Even Playboy mag.. :D

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anonymuis said :

so if I don’t check the ‘this is not spam’ option, my comment will turn into a magic spam comment? :D

don’t know why such things have to be generalized, from movies till playboy mag, that has nothing to do at all as playboy mag isn’t a cartoon for the kids. I prefer my son/daughter watching lion king, harry potter, or another movie than jailangkung, etcetera. Dukun, jampi2, etc are also sins.

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Jay said :

Kowe homo opo ora?

Not a Hairy Porter fan

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dental said :

there’re few homosexual inter-species couples in television, sponge bob and patrick for example. a thing with a dweller of sea (sea? i’m not sure, they live in the bottom of bikini in fact) waakss hehehe

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Lala said :

seriously I agreed there’s some ‘dangerous’ toons… happy tree friends contohnya …
tapi kalo Harpot sih menurutku lebih ke pembangunan imaginasi (menurut Einstein sih Imagination is more important then knowledge), kan ada ortu tuh untuk mendampingi anaknya kalo lagi nonton… menerangkan mana yg salah mana yg bener :P Lagian I’m not sure kalo nonton Harpot besok gede jadi pingin jadi witch, keinginan sesaat anak-anak aja kali.

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doeljoni said :

Jay #
ngakunya sih strike, Jay…
aku sih gak ragu :P
toh saya di boongin juga gak papa

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aldi said :

inter-species relation does happen?

didn’t all women say “all men were buaya darat”? :P

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aldi said :

salah! harusnya gak pake tanda tanya, maap jadi dobel :D

inter-species relation does happen

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anonymuis said :

harry potter: kalo terlalu terobsesi bahaya :))

y’know kids believe almost everything

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anonymous said :

We shall not tolerate ‘inter-galactic’ love either!
ahem.. StarWars™ anybody..? ;)

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andry said :

Playboy Magazine is not free spech. It is ‘free’ clothes :p

Superstitious is the root problem of our culture I guess. I never pay attetion to them.

Well, they have Women from Naboo and Men from Tatooine so I think inter-galactic, as long as under the Republic, is fine hehe.

Tendang balik ke kampung gajah.

Happy Tree Friends ! I forgot. They’re extreme violence.

Buaya who ? :d

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dr said :

hm… maaf nih, pertama kalo mosting.
tapi bukannya itu gara2 sistem pensensoran yang nggak jelas di Indonesia? Jadi inget kata2 tutor bahasa inggris saya : “di Indonesia ini aneh, masa scene orang ciuman nggak boleh, tapi lagu2 yang penuh dengan caci maki mengudara dimana-mana!”. plus, paradigma orang tentang sebuah cerita khayal belum berubah, masih : “untuk anak-anak”. Padahal, Lord of The Rings targetnya bukan untuk anak2 kan?

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