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Buddy Spy (a.k.a Yahoo Messenger Status Checker) 9 comments


I just wanna inform you that from this point or some, it’s useless to set your Yahoo Messenger status “invisible” or Stealth Setting to me.

With Buddy Spy I can detect wether user is online or not.

Worse, I can even know what chat room you are join with and wether your webcam is currently online.

Ya I know. It’s spooky shit.

Forget about another trick. Those are sometimes are not working. While this spy is goddamn accurate.

So, in this beautiful monday, I’m gonna check my online buddy. Total 205, about 20 is zombinized, about 10 might be deleted, and the rest are considered safe. I think I have 10 or so to be added zombinized too. heheh.. :mrgreen:

Mann.., I hate if you invis while you’re actually online. You’d better sign off your Messenger or better yet turn off your computer.

1. 'ka
nothing can be called privacy anymore in this net world ;)
2. zie
kadang2 juga suka invisible kalo lagi butuh privacy ciee :).. tapi skarang udah bisa di cek yahh huuuhh *harus siap2 diuber nehh hahhaha.. Gr Banget yahh* btw kok bisa nyasar ndry ;)
3. cosa
untung gak pk messenger (apa hubungannya cobaa) :D
4. total hostile
fuck fuck fuuuccckkk...!

some people don't understand what privacy is
ganti yahuu id, babahno, bye bye
gravatar #ka : on sunday i considered myself 22 m sby. on tuesday i am 23 f jkt. on thursday i am 32 m bratislava...etc etc..

#zie : saya juga sering invis. tapi seperlunya. tapi sekarang mending offline ketimbang invis. ke batam ada temen, gak taunya udah pindah ke kampung halamannya sono.. india..

#cosa : ndak pake messenger tapi punya blog ? bisa dikomen juga ?

# total hostile : ganti-ganti'o.. lha wong awakmu invis terus.. makio gak invis disopo yo ra responding :-p
6. 'ka
pretty deceiving eh? ;)
gravatar Buddy Spy, just does automatically what people can do manually.

And I am glad you like the software.



Andry :
Well, we (me and my buddies, workingmates, etc etc) love it so much.
Save me lot of time ;)

This is great software. Simple and useful.
Thanks !
8. GreenStar
Thanks for the software, it's very useful for me ! :)
9. Aggi

Well this software doenst chk chat room… pls make it sure.. if u guys can scan n result is true pls let me know

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