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Are you Mort, Elvis or Einstein?

Saya dapet dari ini.
Lucu juga.
Entah kalo anda, stereotypes yang mana ?

Mort – Opportunistic Developer

  • VB kinda guy, Web guy, WinForm guy, DB-based Application guy, Domain Expert guy

  • Sense of achievement comes from creating solutions that “just work”

  • Iterates one problem at a time, learns by trial and error

  • Uses components, maybe builds business objects, but not OO

  • Expects to program against physical objects, not abstract entities -

  • File instead of Stream

  • Focuses on the business problem, not the technology

  • Most likely has no formal computer science education

Elvis – Pragmatic developer

  • C# kinda guy, majority of Dev at Microsoft

  • Very skilled dev, understand programming concepts very well

  • Seeks a balance of power and productivity

  • Likes to learn while doing

  • Probably has a computer science degree or some formal CS training

  • The ideal framework is OO from the ground up, maps logically to the domain, and has full functionality

Einstein – Paranoid developer

  • C++ kinda guy, system developer, academics

  • Doesn’t really care about helper or productivity on top of existing APIs

  • Sense of achievement comes from creating efficient, high-performance code worthy of technical prise

  • Learning style is proactive (likes to learn before doing) – spend a lot of time reading books

  • Wants to know he/she can replace any system components, thinks he/she can often do it better

  • Doesn’t like using black boxes

  • Really value API’s elegance

That’s it, Elvis gonna leave the building. Too much blogging for today :)

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doeljoni said :

gak masuk manapun

Andry : Linux ya ? Tendang :razz:
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dedenf said :

yang multi platform mana nih?

Andry :yang itu sabar, masih didraft :)
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gonezhar said :

wadohhhh... karena saya bukan programmer jadi gak ada yg cocok ^O^

yang mash pake Pascal ada gak ? F^^
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kere kemplu said :

apakah andry seorang pragmatis yang kadang jadi paranoid kalau peluang bisnis ilang? :D

Andry : et dah buset.. nih komen telak banget :mrgreen:
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hericz said :

Hmm.. kayaknya aku yang ketiga deh..
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bintangjatuh said :

wah, dulinanku yo gak ono om doel ^^
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Ozzie said :

Mort itu musuhnya Arthur Fonzarelli bukan sih? Dan setuju, kudunya ada satu yang cross-platform :)

Andry : Hehe.. ga tau siapa tuh Mort. Fonzarelli juga ga tahu. Sebangsa mafia-kah ? Hehe..
Yang cross platform masih digodok draftnya. Sabar :)
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yanti said :

Mort, tapi aku bentji VB. bahasa ajaib, slenge'an :D
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blogversive : a subversive blog » Blog Archive » Bahasa dan Pola Pikir said :

[...] Mort, Elvis, Einstein itu mungkin bercanda. Tapi anda harus tahu seluk beluk bahasa VB/C#/VC++ untuk bisa tertawa. Memecahkan masalah dalam bahasa-bahasa itu beda, itu yang bikin gw “ngakak”. [...]
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