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Once, my officemate (female officemate, this kind of species constantly annoy male smokers for sure) stick a copy of a Men’s Heath’s article titled: “Just Keep Smoking before Dysfunctional Erection”.

To hell with dysfunctional erection. We keep smoking for sure.

Several months later, someone brought a poster about anatomy of a cigarette filter.

The architecture of a cigarette is so simple yet effective. A layer on top another layer is carefully engineered to make us soooo addicted to it. How the entire cigarette run amuses us.

We knew tar and nicotine is fatal to our lung, but hell with lungs. Smoking is kewl!

Take a good look. The cigarette industries keep running. We’re keep buying the cigarette. Our government reaps the benefit by means of taxes.

But my female officemate, everyone is happy.

The Ten Commandments had a lot of rules and no mercy, yet still I’m stealing my working hours to blog about this.
The warning is everywhere, but they are useless.

I believe this: every human has a magic button. All you have to do is find it and push it.

We can have tons of Maslow’s and Freud’s under your pillow, but the secret is the same : the button is about our ego and sometime is about our need.

For example: in Surabaya, it is impossible to work without air-conditioner.
We need air conditioner.

So I bought this last night:

air conditioner refreshner

Nothing beats the smell of fresh orange in the morning.

Every time my smoking officemate enter the room, they will eventually spending their smoke outside.
If they insist to keep smoking in this room, all I have to do is push the power button of remote AC.

Really, from smokers’ point of view all I’ve done is brutal. Mind my heartless nature, It’s been 100 days since I stopped smoking.

Two air freshener usually last for a week. Funny thing is, I don’t have to turn ON/OFF the AC anymore. The smokers will do that for me while I’m here, stealing my working hours to blog.

By the way, I found this very interesting :

Men who have reported losing their erections before orgasm have completely reversed this situation by quitting smoking.

I told you this just in case remote AC buttons doesn’t work for your officemates.