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5 Weird Things

Q: What happen if Friendster’s bulletin-board-like hits Web 2.0?
A: Bulletin board is baptized with new buzzword: meme, baton, or tag.

So, I’ve been intimidated, manipulated, Jedi-mind tricked, and tagged by Yanti to turn my 5 weirdo cards on the table.

Here they are.

I’m a nocturnal.
My co-workers, just like our works, are geographically distributed.
Time difference is forced me to be a nocturnal.

Being as a nocturnal, I enjoy moving around in Surabaya at night.
All roads are mine mine mine (and I’m not even riding blatantly arrogant moge).

Black Leather Jacket.
It is my faithful companion for any occasion. Presentation / Project demo, meeting with clients, watching movies, or attend Kreator’s live concert, everything is black leather jacket.

Rarely, I eat rice.
It’s just habit. Of course I love pecel or, if I’m at Yogya/Solo, sego kucing is fine. But for the sake of simplicity (I cook for myself once or twice a day), I void rice.

First thing I check when I woke up in the morning is Omea Pro (integrated emails, feeds, remote application logging, whatever).

I hate superstitious belief and ghosts.
They are empirically wrong, faith deceiving, and opium to society. I do believe in jinn (link updated), however.

Those all my cards.

I’m dragging Dental, Dadan (at least I’m not spamming you, like you did to me yesterday!!), Lita, Pipit, and ‘Ka to turn their fives.

Bear in mind, as a benevolent dictator cheerful companion I won’t take ‘No’ as an answer.

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yanti said :

hehehe.. sebagai pembuat bendjol, selayaknya gue komen pertama (eh bener ya?)

baca yang pertama, jadi inget lagu lama.. Ride The Wind :)

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golda said :

hari gini baton? sigh
bisa2 bentar lagi menular ke aku nih.

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doeljoni said :

jangkrik… isuk2 wes di challenge…

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Silverlines said :

When you say that you do believe in jinn, is it as if in ‘genie’ or the slave coming out of the bottle to make your every wish as his/her command ? Or is it the ‘jin’ as in the famous Indonesian author book several years ago ?
Both ways, don’t you think it is superstitious ? Ghosts, is one of the way we call them, I think, it is another form of Jinn.
—don’t get confused, coz I am :P—

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andry said :

I postpone a post because of this :p

> lirik dental <

Ben sampeyan rajin posting :D

Link updated.
I believe ghost is mere the manifestation of human’s fear. It exist only in our mind.

If jinn are taking shape, we shouldnt fear them.

Superstitious are merely, ‘cultural’ belief or urban legend, i.e :
Dont kill the cat.
Don’t break the mirror, 7 years bad luck.
Eclipse and stupid Betara Kala

Or maybe as the one you’ve said in one of Pipit’s post : When saying santé in a toast without looking in our partner eyes, then it’ll be 7 years bad-sex-life.
Is it empirical proven ? :D

(However, I will look into my partner eyes during a toast. Err… just in case..)

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naga said :

you wear leather jacket?
indonesia kan panas?
trying to appear like George Michael – Faith? ;)

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Silverlines said :

If jinn are taking shape, I guess, we have all the reasons to fear them IF they are in a terrifying shape hehehe.

And no, I don’t want to take any survey just to prove if I don’t look into my partner’s eyes during a toast I will have 7 years of bad sex. Not a single one, let alone 7 years will be bearable hahaha.

*j/k, but still, I will also look into the eyes of my toasting partner, just to be on the safe side*

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lita said :

yaelah andry.
gak liat ente, aye diganduli ama daud di sini (emang gak liat sih ya?) timpuk andry
bikin draft posting aje kaga jadi2 ude dikasi kerjaan baru ^^;

dasar diktator cheerful companion!
WHAT lucky?! :p

ya udeh, sabar ye (daripada ntar inbox aye disepam)

gravatar on » 5 Weird Things said :

[..] Blame Andry, I’m tagged an old meme under intimidation. If this is all about ‘my weird’ I’m not blessed to make the list so I send heart-breaking sms to some friends asking “Am I normal?”
Fiuhh… here they are: [..]

[manual trackback because TXP NOT SUPORT trackback]

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Lili said :

waaa lagi musim posting ttg 5 hal ini yah…
oooh jadi lebih paham deh ttg Andry

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nikk said :

What have you done, Ndry?
Cracking some jokes for what?

Weirdness is all human nature.
you can’t pretend to be normal
when seeing Sundel Bolong before you.
Even a beautiful one!

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kere kemplu said :

saya percaya :D

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Rizky said :

hheuehe..lucu juga. ow, and about that ghost and mystic stuff, i totally agree…but seeing the popularity of those kind of tv shows, it makes me wonder sometimes just how stupid that average indonesians are…

btw, gue juga mau donk di-tag….seru!

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andry said :

Very funny :D

Mostly, they fear us :)

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anggi said :

oalah… takut ko sama hantu?? coba ada gak di koran2 dominan ini… yang meninggal gara2 setan or hantu.. dibanding sama si kecil nyamuk demam bedarah or ayam (flu burung). hantu tu jgn di takuti…nanti malah makin parno

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dodY said :

sing koyok ngene kok gak entek2 siiiy? ehhehe

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'ka said :

i’ll get into it soon :)

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sesy said :

well, actually i dont belive in ghost and their friends also, but wearing leather jacket in indonesia? yang benar saja

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