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2 Days Left

phoenix : the sith ? you’re waiting for the sith with your yahoo status : 2 days left
andry : =))
andry : hell ya right !!!
andry : so, are you also from planet Naboo ? or Tattoine perhaps ? :D
phoenix : :)
phoenix : It’s thursday, but people are getting the ticket since yesterday.
andry : I bet they do. Hey, you’re not telling me that you miss the premiere ticket, wouldnt you ?
phoenix : no dude. as the matter of fact i’ve just received the ticket.
phoenix : I can’t wait to see chewbacca.
andry : Chewbacca ? Is he supposed to introduce in Ep 4 “Empire” ?
andry : Chew is Solo’s XO, they appeared first time when Obi Wan and Luke trying to hire the Millenium Falcon.
phoenix : yap. you’re right. But, I’m aware that there are some battle scene in Ep.3, between Republic against the “chew-race”.
andry : oh… you’re reading the spoilers , little rascall ?
phoenix : :mrgreen:
andry : damn. I should have known better.
phoenix : it’s just a puny bit. not entire spoilers. after all, the 3D is amazing. Cable has already showing its teaser. Very cool man.
andry : you designer…. 3D is all that matters to you, huh ?
phoenix : hehe.. it is on my blood. Like you with your … what does it sounds ? c spawn ? hehe..
andry : whatever :mrgreen:
andry : instead of spoiler, you should reading this :
phoenix : ... hmm.. this guy is got the point
andry : yeah, there are some missing plot, unfortunately.
phoenix : dont you worry. I’ll find those answer. I have a collegemate working for [deleted]. She will prove herself useful for our cause to find such infos.
andry : yeah..yeah… Usual phoenix. I know.. I know..
phoenix : :mrgreen:.
andry : ok then, I need some sleep. And btw, I’ve sent you some samples.
phoenix : ok. thanx. and may the force be with you.
andry : ya, I wish the dark side always shine upon you too…

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[...] atin info terkini jadwal film. Dan benar ketakutan saya, Star Wars belum diputar. Gw bakal kalah set sama si phoenix lagi. 1 jam-an gw kayak linglung. Slompret, padahal cum [...]
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