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1st Anniversary of

3 Days ago, Dadan sent me a shameful screenshot via YM :

expired is expired.

It means two things for me :

  • First, I must call my friend who is running webhosting company.
  • Second, it’s been a year since I fall into the darkness of blogging.

One year. Yay !

The Genesis

It was mid 2004. I thought, blog was yet another free account that any internet user must have. Just like an email Gmail. I set up a Blogspot account.

I didn’t blog much since internet connection was scarce at my previous office. I even forgot I had a blogger account.

At December 2004, I moved into a new office. Slight lifestyle changes slowly took place. First thing to do whenever I wake up is obsessively clicking Outlook’s Send/Receive button, while asynchronously brush my teeth, wash my face, and take a bath if neccesary.

They’re right about acceleration of print’s decline. I don’t read newspaper again.

When all your jobs are done, and Friendster is no longer interesting, what else could you possibly do in the internet ?

We can do much of course, depend on your wildest imagination :p

My friend came, brought me Komputer Aktif Mag No. 96. I read the “Kaleidoskop Internet 2004” section and found “Keluarga di Jagat Maya” with Didats blog and the fact that 906 bloggers already registered at blogbugs. So I finally remembered that I have blogspot account.

That’s when Fajar took me again into mortal world of blogging. Slowly I stalked her old blog and Mimimama. Both of them were my collegemates.

I reopen my old Blogspot account, start writing some. They’re sucks, by the way.

When Fajar showed me her Atom address, I know it was XML, but… what for ? Why? Did I have to SAX-ed or DOM-ed them ?

I didn’t know what the heck is Atom. RSS. Feeds. Trackback. Pingback. Shoutbox. CSS. Blogoshpere. Hacking Inutio XML-RPC Library.
No, they were big enigma to me.

But let’s skip the hacking part. Like the rest of us, mere mortals, I just wanted to put this little cat picture in the header. And I wanted small Verdana. Not Georgia/Times New Roman !

Entered the CSS and web standard.
Entered the whole nine yards of full fat sidebar.
(I know shoutbox is cool, “powered by” stickers is amazing, powerful daily links such as Slashdot/Sourceforge/GotDotNet is impressive but…. )

Whilst it was easy to start a blog at blogspot, I learned that editing CSS online wasn’t suitable for typical slow internet connection at Indonesia. You can’t have Pyra engine in your localhost, don’t you ?

Of course, I continue to write some. But no shit. Still suck.

A moment later, I got my PC installed with XAMPP (die you IIS, die!) and then there they were, I got bunches of CMS/Blog engine installed altogether.

I still wrote. Still suck, but I begin to like it.

After struggling with Nucleus and pMachine awhile, I chose Wordpress 1.2 because it’s simplicity. I bought my own domain at 7 Feb 2004.


The first three months of blogging with own domain was frustrating.

I got 4 unique visitors a day.
And sure, I got my posts well-commented too. About, um, one comment in a month.

I wrote craps, junks, unsignificant details, the exorcism of my friend sister, and all about me and my life. I knew they’re sucks but it’s getting better. I knew it. I sensed it.

At May or June, I started to give comments at any bloggers nearby. Before I published a post, I commented some friend’s post hoping they would comment back to me.

Bloody mary. It worked !
I know my writing is crap but it worked !

It was glorius comment euphoria in entire history of my galactic empire.

But I have a life.
I can’t continue this endless circle. I know all my writing are such unsignificant ramblings. Now, I just concentrate how to improve them.

I comment, if I must.

And I follow few simple recipes :

  • Reread. Treat Publish button carefully.
  • Original content is a must.
  • Whenever possible, I try to avoid Klingon’s language.
  • Humor.
  • Humor.
  • Humor.
  • And the most important : Humor.

You’re human, not Inktomi robot.
I’m trying to treat you like human. Bip. Bip.

Those are all of my cards. I dont know if those recipes actually work. But even though I continue to write junks, I got my blog free flexible elegant easy-to-use content management system well-commented. I mean Enda and Priyadi have at least gave comments twice on my blog. It must be something, I guess. Heh.

Last night, Hericz informed me that my blog is somehow misprinted on the sidenote of article in Komputer Aktif no 125. Double yay !

(Check your narcist-o-meter, I think my narcist level is about over your current threeshold)

Yesterday, Anonymuis asked me how did I start my blog. From whom/where did I know blog. You got a full answer now, my friend.

Hm.. Friends…

Friends are another stories. They’re the most compelling aspect in blogging, I guess.
I got new friends, new possibilities, met my long lost friends, and already had two projects because of blogging (PakRT, yoopo. sido ‘po ra?).

However, they are not imaginary or virtual friends whom you can easily find in chat channels. I read their blogs, learn from them, share experiences, benefit from them, together we are thriving towards of excellence, while I keep humiliating myself and help them as much as I can.

Eventhough I don’t always comment back, you know I always read1 your inspiring blogs.

I always write, for your amusement and for my personal development.

And I hope, I won’t loose you my friends, because I intend to use English more and more now.

1 I’m still importing my OPML from Omea. Be patient if you don’t see your blog there. Or simply add yours. No password yet.

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anonymuis said :

but you are fast learner, according to me.

using english for non-indonesian readers also :D

but i’d say it’s better that someone first understands the RSS, atom, etc and then makes it than makes it first but doesn’t know what for (as me for the first time lol)

my very past entries suck big time. your content is better, anyway.

gravatar on
golda said :

jadi asal muasal andry ngeblog juga gak jauh2 beda dengan yang lain..
dari yang ngga tau mau nulis apa, sampe koq ngeliat yg lain tuh ada komen ini itu, ekh.. ternyata harus ninggal komen supaya dibales komen..begitulah manusia belajar..

RS belajar juga gak ya? apa udah apatis duluan kyknya ;))

gravatar on
gani said :

Met ulang taon buat blognya ya :)
Dari yg blog hanya sekedar punya , gak ngerti CSS trackback feed dll, sampe jadi Andry yg sekarang. Menarik mengetahui pertumbuhannya dan thanks udah sharing. Terusin berkarya teman !

pamit mo cari ular sanca

gravatar on
hericz said :

*Warning: invalid time or undefined constant :*1st-anniversary-of-andryshuzaincom: line 8 and 87

It was mid 2004. I thought, blog …..

I bought my own domain at 7 Feb 2004

Well my friend. Its been great to meet you here, at the glamourous blogosphere.


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Ben said :


gravatar on
goz said :

selamat ulang taun blognya, jadi 1 tahun ke depan bakalan seperti apa? juga nantinya jadi seperti apa nih? ^^

gravatar on
dental said :

wakakak narsis narsis narsis !!
you want chronologists with ? (cuma ada 2 point gak penting)
1. there are 140 comments contain word andry on my comsys
2. your first flirt comment on post ShortCut Key

i know your drive with this blog, a famous leaves logo thumbs up on your big footbar? hehe.. congrats man!

gravatar on
Nofie said :

Selamat. Semoga kian eksis di dunia blogging! :)

gravatar on
andry said :

Yeah. Non-indonesian reader has a right to know our ideas also.

Your past entries big time suck ?
Hahaha… I think we’re in this shit together.

Awal beli domen dibuat project euuy. Gw butuh dotProject dan Trac waktu itu. Gw malah install wiki lebih dulu ketimbang blog.
Sekarang, gw pake basecamphq, jadi ketimbang domen ini nggangur, ya gw terusin pake ngeblog aja hehe.

sharing is all we have. sharing tempat beli sanca, coba ke kertajaya surabaya. gw liat ada yg jual ular deh.. :d

dibukanya pasti pake wordpress :p

1 tahun kedepan, belum kepikiran. Tapi ada kok target. Tergantung kekuatan imam, umur, dan benwit gw.

pasti itu gara-gara acara menyepam bdaymu :d
tapi mestinya dadan dan nana masih lebih banyak dari itu….. hehe

thanks !

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agusset said :

Happy 1st anniversary… keep write “suck”-ly, make me your loyal reader happy!

gravatar on
rifie said :

Cool story.. i mean it.

Jujurly, your blog is fun to read. happy birthday and happy narsist!!


gravatar on
kus said :

hmm selamat deh :)

gravatar on
pipit said :

Bon anniversaire! :)

gravatar on
naga said :

masih tuaan blog saya…

gravatar on
devie said :

makan makannya mana?

setahun kedepan maunya jadi kayak apa Om?

gravatar on
andry said :

Siap bos !

jujurly ? Ayo donk gunakan bahasa england yang baik dan benar :))

hehe, thank buat spelling dan grammarnya :D

Blogger Senior detektit !

Mungkin ada section tambahan selain section book dan movie. Tapi entahlah, butuh energi besar untuk itu.
Untuk design, saya lagi senang improving accesibility. Biar lebih mudah dibaca.

I always welcome any suggestion. Spelling grammar check, design, color, anything that may suit your preferences.
Let me know what your ideas. I will appreciate it so much :)

gravatar on
Silverlines said :

Well, a year isn’t bad, is it ? The overall appearance of your blog really seems to have been maintained for ages. Unlike some blogger, me for instance, who relies on what is served by a user-friendly provider.

Shall I then say, happy anniversary ?
Party on ! :-)

gravatar on
kere kemplu said :

hello prince of the darkness! :)
ayohhh jangan ragu jadi text-pattern-vangelist! :D

gravatar on
anonymuis said :

didn’t know that fajar is a she :D

and eh … the reader link on your post [on your host], I saw mine but how long does your reader take to update all the feed actually?

gravatar on
Deny said :

congratz, kamerad.
wish your blog all the very best :D

gravatar on
yanti said :

happy anniversary buat blognya :).

blog gw lebih tua, tapi ya sama.. dulu tulisannya parah banget. seenggaknya lebih parah daripada yg sekarang, which is masih parah juga :P

gravatar on
didats said :

eh, eh, ada apaan sih?™

ada namaku disebut! huehuehue…!!!
jadi maluw… tutup idung

eh, emang ga nyesel punya blog kok! :D

gravatar on
vnuzday said :

Even I just meet you once but I know you have great capacity on it, your blog is marvelous.


gravatar on
Thomas said :

Hey, you forgot something. You’re an “unofficial TxP Marketing staff” now… hahaha!

Happy anniversary!

gravatar on
andry said :

Not for ages, only an hour a day :p

Your wish is my command, my liege.

We need to click “Refresh” button. Heh. I just found out this morning. I’m gonna remove them and migrate all into Bloglines. It takes my space a lot !

I learn a lot from you :)

Another senior blogger detektit ! :p

halah halah…

Bukannya lebih asyik.. MINUM-MINUM ™ :D :D :D

Ok you win. I’m a textpattern-vangelist.. gessh..

gravatar on
dadan said :

pertama !!
aagggh… telaaat….

hey, i didn’t know you have another side such like that :D

gravatar on
arie said :

slametan cak …

gravatar on
Riky Kurniawan said :

sekali ngeblog emang jadi candu

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