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10 Things I Learn From Lunot

  1. She never give up. Never.
  2. She just loves to learn. Exploring another Context on another AppDomain is her primary amusement.
  3. She always welcome any person with smile. Truly. Everyone is WellKnownPersonType heh :)
  4. She wakes up at four hundred am everyday, and start her activity after then. She’s my cheerful-cron for subuh time.
  5. She doesnt take small wounds in her cheek and in her feet. It’s simply “casualities of war” of exploring new things.
  6. She hardly cant wait if anything goes wrong around him. The milk doesnt shake well, her parents have an argument, her clothes and pants doesnt dry well.. she will cry, like saying “hey y’all lad, grow up!”
  7. We’all love her cause she always brings the good news. Do you know right now she has 4 teeth already ?
  8. She has me to keep her update on any e-gadgets. She loves to hear the ringtones (and already make some distance calls also, incredibly-accidentally)
  9. She loves books. She’s already -actually- “chewed-up” her first comic book.
  10. She gives any given day, any of your day, with truly happiness
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blogversive » Blog Archive » Jangan lihat buku dari sampulnya. Tapi lihat dari diskonnya !! said :

[...] could be prove useful and handy for your market’s behaviour research, or whatever. No books were chewed by Luna during the making of this post. [...]
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