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npong and the salvation of mankind

Well, it’s such shiny day.
The sun so bright, the sky is clear. The birds are singing, the bandwidth is showing a good signal, and Borg is absolutely has been droven away from Earth,  until suddenly the bos came out from nowhere and asking :

Andry, have you ever heard about MMORPG ?

For a sec, I was afraid : “Damn, is he somehow recognize me at Rune Midgard?”.
Is he know that I did occasionaly visited the hell, hangover with Mephisto and Baal, robe some fancy stuff from Lucifer, get resurrected by deserted angels, and safely return to mother earth via teleport spell lv.9 ?

I used to command my guerilla in the deep jungle, untill I clash my Armageddon Blade with Sword of Ice, that sporadicaly cast me and my entire Elf race into new pararel dimension”, If you asking.

I kept my silence. Casting my past life, yet Dazed and confused about my bos’ question.
‘Till he closed the void : “I want you to build one, a system that similiar to it, ok?

I must be hallucinating !!!  I put my fingers into hot coffe and damn it’s hot. No, my sanity has not been ignored me. Im still insane and intact.

This is what I’ve been dreaming about.
A zillion years ago, Momma bought me a book about “how to build a pc game” with BASIC. Since then, I’ve been dreaming to be a game programmer or speed-metal guitarist. Digger, Paratrooper, and Yngwie Malmsteen were mesmerized me at that time.

So, I bump ahead into GDI+. And start quick-coding my version of Pong. It took me 3 cups of coffe and 5 hours straight. Of course it has some bugs, it’s 5 hours anyway, and Im not that good either :wink:

The point is, it’s fun !


After couple of hours celebrating the npong (.NET Pong, honouring naming-tradition of ndoc, nunit, and nprof), I begin to get seriously by reading this, this, and that.
Perfect, they would surely keep me out from blogging a while.

Yet, the fun doesnt left me. I hope we’ll meet at Minas Tirith, and you will suffer me.

Express, But Not that Express

Hehe, akhirnya dapet juga mainan baru..

Diinstallnya di notebook [karena desktop masih pake XP yang tidak bisa diinstall Service Pack 2 :D ]. Maklum Genuine XP tjap THR Kusuma Bangsa™ agak alergi dengan SP2. Sedangkan notebook sendiri udah running W2003 Ent Ed. Nekad. Full charge battery cuma last-long for 18 minutes !


Jalannya pake :

  1. .NET 2.0 Beta1
  2. SQLServerExpress
  3. MSDNExpress
  4. Visual C# Express
  5. IIS 6.0 (webserver paling egois, versi komunalnya : WEARE 6.0 tidak pernah dirilis) dan kopi dual Expresso buat nungguin flash get selesai download (9 jetcars each download).

Kesan pertama.. hm.. keren , tapi bukannya gw juga bilang “keren” waktu liat VB6 setelah sekian lama pake VB4 ? Samar-samar, juga sempet baca apa itu Whidbey-Indigo-Yukon -Avalon dari si sakti F1. Mungkin itu semacam koloke-nya cak min klampis atau teknologi Necromonger yang dicuri dari Helion oleh pembelot Furyan, saya tidak tahu pasti.

Lambat ? Wow, JELAS !!! ... Kemat kemut, krotok-krotok, kriet-kriet, sama blower notebook ndak berhenti-berhenti kipasan… saya empati sepenuhnya bahwa si notebook lagi ngirim pesan via e-telepati kalo 256MB memorynya kurang. Akhirnya, harus belajar lagi neh.. siklus re-learn satu setengah tahunan sudah mulai. Dulu mah, siklus re-learn 2 taon sekali. Muter’e dunyo kae tambah cepet tur mepet.

sigh….. [menghela nafas panjang, A-Mild eceran di asbak, sambil nyeruput nutrisari
adem, Red]

you’re absolutely right, Mr. Thoreau….....

Look! Men have become the tool of their tools

C# COM+ Programming

Just have got one of my wishlist books. I ordered my underlink at Bandung.. and the book is already on my second bookshelf now. The quote is really amuse me :

“It took technical grace to forge a waltz between today’s COM+ Services and tomorrow’s evolved world of Next Generation development in C#, and this book is your dancing instructor”
-Michael Lane Thomas, .NET Series Editor

The best thing is, this book is about big picture of Enterprise .NET. It wont bugging us with 9000 BCL at once.
So, I dance.

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