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Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

I was reading The Art of Project Management, and found good points at first chapter. Simplicity requires much work, sweat, and blood.

The simpler your view of what you do the more power and focus you will have in doing it. Mastering a killer paimei kungfu (or Butong Pay, or whatever) needs an open mind.

In Zen Buddhism we know the concept as a beginner’s mind. The only cup has a room for new knowledge is an empty cup.

Second point I agree with Scott Berkun is about ‘difficult’ :
Simple doesn't mean easy. The best athletes, writers, programmers, and managers tend to be the ones who always see what they do as simple in nature but simultaneously difficult. Remember that simple is not the same thing as easy. For example, it's a simple thing to run a marathon. You start running and don't stop until you've reached 26.2 miles. What could be simpler? The fact that it's difficult doesn't negate its simplicity. Leadership and management are also difficult, but their nature getting things done in a specific way toward a specific goalies simple.

We, programmers, are cursed to over-engineer, reinvent, and over complicate things.

I have a fierce debate and bloodbathing arguments with my workmates about application logging. A 7-layer SOA involving XML-configurable warppers for each class just to log something across multiple computer at the same room seems fun.

Complex things are fun.

I resist the lust of such fun. Plain text deliver us from darkness instead of thousand lines of XML that really dump my stateless brain into such Hibernate condition.

These are mouthful, I know. But you have to chew these.

Monday Appointment Is A No-No

Here’s my tip:
Whatever you do, especially creative workers, do not make an important appointment in Monday.

By making important appointment such as project presentation and/or user acceptance test (or alike) in Monday, I tell my subconscious mind to work in weekend.

This is because I won’t work so hard in Friday:

  • Stupid TGIF tells me so.

  • Friday is a “short” day due to roundtrip for Jum’at.

I don’t know why but it’s true that Friday seems such a short-day.

Saturday ain’t a glorious working day either. My Saturday is the best day to evaluate my whole week and make planning for the next week.
What did I miss?
Who are the best available resources to do this task?
Which .NET assemblies did I fucked up last Wednesday?
Did I wrote that *.jar last week?

Have I bought toblerone for my wife?
(Cheaper than fancy steak, but powerful enough, by means of calories consumptions)

Long story make short, Saturday is Habit number 7: Sharpen the saw.

And I introduce habit number eight nine, you Covey’s zealot: Monday important appointment is evil.

Creative workers such as programmers or designers need constant lethal injection of motivation everyday. And I think Friday-Saturday is most effective day to play with my right side brain. Friday-Saturday is when dreams are formulated. Project’s vision calculated. Catching the wave, learning new technology and making spike.

Whether Sunday is, well, best day to give your Teddy Bear a hug. Depends on your personality, of course heh… (I hug someone, a real human being person, FYI)

So these goes to Marketing Department: It’s your job to convince the customers not to make important appointment on Monday. Use the ability to put ideas on others’ head.

I don’t care how. Lie, cheat, or steal.

Better yet, use Jedi mind trick if you need to (do this while you weave your Jedi hand to customer):

The Marketing Jedi: Monday important appointment, path to the darkside is. Okay?
Hypnotized client: Okay.

If you do what I said, I guarantee you won’t miss your weekend.

Like I did, last a couple of days. Bah.

Best Animation Studio

Unlike linux distro, two major brand always dominate the market. At least, in my humble perception. This shortlist depicts everything :
(most dominant comes first)

  • McDonald and KFC
  • Kodak and Fuji
  • Amazon and Barnes N Nobles
  • Oracle and SQLServer (This is a mere religious choice)

There is the third, or forth, or twentieth if you like. But, who cares about RCCola when you got Coca Cola and Pepsi in your refrigerator?

However, when I hit 3D animation movie studio, I find it so hard to decide whoever comes first. I realize BlueSky (Ice Age, Robots) and Disney (Dinosaur) did amazing jobs, but my best two falls on most productive studios in past 5 years. Yields :

Dreamworks and Pixar” ..... OR ….. “Pixar and Dreamworks”.

dash shrek
And mommy, this is my homework :

Pixar’s legions :

Dreamworks’ army :

Summarized by numbers :

  • Pixar gains avg 285 US$ and Dreamworks at avg 231 US$ on US only.

  • IMDB User rating for Pixar is 8.2. Dreamworks at 7.12.

And keep amusing :

  • The whole Pixar is for 3D animated movies, while Dreamworks produce other genres.

  • Dreamworks uses famous actor/actress in its movies (top 5 stars celebs).

  • Pixar was bought by Steve Jobs (Apple) in 1986, Dreamworks was financially supported by Paul Allen (Microsoft). The battle rages on!

Statistically says, I choose Pixar to be my number one (for now). My sense and taste could be wrong, and may differ from you. So I’d love to hear second opinion.

By the way, marketing is not my major, so please go easy on me.

3108 BlogDay 2005 and Red White Conspiracy

What the…
Well, the title is self explain. We have a big day at the end of this month. I’m not sure how the blogosphere choosed that day, maybe some geeks saw numbers as alphabets :

August 31st = 3 1 08 = B L O G

And alakazam magicko blogtronum…. we have ourselves our day.

The kewl thing doesn’t end up there. At that day, we need to recommend our five favorites blogs for our returning readers (yeah, I mean you). Preferably, five blogs from different mindset. Different culture, different language, and different pet.

There is a similar idea, baton-things-like. It is called Ten Blogs which is basically a list of 10 blogs that you cannot live, eat, breath, and feed your cat without it.

I love both ideas. However, the 1308 is really amusing me, so here we are.

Fair enough. Count me in.
Go ahead. Put 1308 BlogDay 2005 banner side by side with your tiny picture of your cat, and don’t forget to ping technorati.

And do I have to change my blog themes into this white and red ?
You don’t have to (unless you have absolutely nothing to do).
This is only our small conspiracies celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day. If you have no idea what the heck Indonesia is, just think about : Bali.

#to other conspirators : this is my super trackback :)

BlogDay2005, 10blogs


An excerpt from Essential Blogging :

Blog for fun. If it stops being fun, you’re doing it wrong. —Paul Beard

Besides of making a helluva lot of friends, the most fun part of blogging is learning something new. Also, new blogoshpheres to explore. New ideas and viruses to be discussed.
New frontiers. New possibilities.

Just like this new fun”bloody”tastic technorati tag plugin.

I love my blog. Call me narcist, I’m ok. I’ve spent countless hours to get the permalink right, gravatars on proper places, and simple CSS workout to make everything right on any browser. Any operating system. Any different cultures.

And, your most favourite blog must be yours, indeed.


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