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Two Years Old. Today.

Luna 2 years old

I need your advices, people.
What’s perfect (and tangible) birthday gift for 2 years old woman who prefer fast cars toy rather than dolls ?

There’s a rock n roll star inside every kid


They’re running around, screaming, yelling, making funny noises, and turn your cozy living room into a wreckship.
Still, every single word comes out from them invites a big applause in their audiences : your heart.

Uh-yeah, there’s a rock n roll star inside every kid.

And me? I was just a scout talent yesterday. Uh-uh.
Playing Enter Sandman Balonku Ada Enam for her cause.

Luna Guitar

Ok now. Put away your guitar, dump your Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95, fetch your keyboard (and mouse, of course).

(Disclaimer: no Stratocasters were hammered into pieces during the making of this post)

Wayward Son

Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.—Oscar Wilde

I was trapped in parent-child relationship conversation this late evening at Carrefour’s pujasera.
Yeah, with bunches of my fellow jerks, you know who you are pals!

Somehow, we had quite a conversation, actually:

My old man spanks me when I misspelled the “ABCD”. So now, I grow up as a rude person.

My mother never breast-feeding me, even though she could. I get very serious ill during my childhood.

I think, my father only love my youngest brother.

I score some sh*ts, but they don’t give a damn thing about it.

Sounds familiar ?

It is interesting to see how we blame our parent about what they were, or about they we’re not. What they give, or give not.

Heh.. I was such a wayward son back then :)
My mom is the moon, and my dad is the sun. They’re just can’t be together.

But still, they’re my lights in the end of the tunnel. Always.

Happy weekend, guys.

Carry on my wayward son There’ll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more No! —Kansas

Morning Rush With Luna

Morning Rush

Luna was KRWLNG over my sleep, this morning.
She is Breaking My (bad) Habit.

Maen Aer yuk !

Belakangan, jadwal pada tentative. Uncertain projects scope makes me to create spike. Eksperimen, mencari alternatif, menjajal teknologi baru. Intinya, saya sibuk melakukan spikes disana-sani. Ngoprek poreper.

Konsekuensi logis(tik), secara fisik saya jarang di rumah.

Istri saya jelas sewot. Wanita mana coba yang mau diduakan ? Lebih-lebih diduakan dengan laptop ?

Jangan jelaskan pekerjaanmu ke saya, tapi jelaskan ke Luna”, gitu protesnya.

Sembari bertugas jaga siskamling, semaleman putar otak : gimana cara menjelaskan pekerjaan saya ke Luna.

Menjelang jam tiga, “aha” pun tiba.

Minggu paginya, saya ajak Luna main aer. Pertama mindahin air dari kamar mandi ke dapur a.k.a pawon pake baskom. Mondar-mandir.
Lalu sesi berikutnya, mindahin air pake selang. Kadang puteran kran saya kasih tali jadi tinggal ditarik dari jauh.

Saya ngomong ke Bunda Luna : Pekerjaan saya tukang angkut aer. Mindah air dari satu wadah ke bejana lainnya. Mindah “bits” dari satu node ke node lainnya.

Kadang manual, baskom per baskom.
(Chunk per chunk, biasane Remoting.)

Kadang cara cerdas, pake selang.
(Streaming Compression over GTCPChannel.)

Itu minggu lalu, jadi cerita yang menginspirasi taglines themes baru :)