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The Evolution of Post

114 days ago

Post is evoluting. Here’s how :

Most obvious one is normal writing. Journal, or article like this.
Aside normal post, we easily found Miniblog / Sidenotes and Quicklinks.

Multimedia materials, such as photoblogs, podcasts, and vlog.

Structured blogging made post easily to be alleviated into reviews (books, movies, events, whatever).

Semantik Textpattern

146 days ago

Updates : Jika ingin mencoba Textpattern tanpa susah payah, bisa anda coba Freetxp. Gratis!

Sudah seminggu lebih saya resmi berpindah agama (kira-kira seperti itu). Selama itu, mendapati banyak pertanyaan dari pemula Textpattern. *halah*

  • Bisa membuat multiple blog ?
  • Lalu bagaimana dengan static page (seperti halaman About atau Contact) ?
  • Bagaimana cara mengganti tampilan / themes ?
  • Bisa bikin miniblog/aside, photoblog, dan Quicklinks nggak ?
Pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini, mudah dijawab jika kita memahami Textpattern Semantic.
That’s it. It’s official.
No further delay. No further hackery, I had enough with Wordpress.

Dealing with changes

I change permalink structure a bit. Well, at least into much more humane-readable section-title :

No more twisted-date like this:

I know some of you taste my past rants into delicious/spurl/furl. In the name of Wordpress “poetry is bloating”, I am sorry.
I understand this is really really bad decision. But I do have a reasonable plan in future with such kind of permalink.

feedHowever, my beloved feed reader shouldn’t worry about feed addressees. Feedburner does the magic: